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W4F – The Fly Fishing Show – Somerset, NJ 2017

From Ken:
“Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish is in Somerset, NJ for The Fly Fishing Show. I get to talk to Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis, Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA, Bart Larmouth from Ross Reels, Jeff Patterson from Abel, Simon Gawesworth from Rio Products, Spencer Higa of Tacky Fly Fishing, Brita from Sage and Chris Frangiosa from TCO Fly Shop. I got my hands on the new Orvis Mirage, New Orvis Nippers, Ross Evolution R, Douglas Sky, Douglas Upstream Plus, Rio Products Big Nasty, Costal Quickshooter XP, Abel Reel SDS, New Abel Reel Super Series, Sage X and the Sage ESN

The Fly Fishing Show is the biggest consumer fly fishing show out there so those of you that have the chance to check it you should definitely go. I will also be in the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show so hopefully I will see you guys there. ”

Orvis –
Sage –
Rio Products –
Douglas Outdoors –
Ross Reels –
Tacky Fly Fishing –
Abel Reels –
TCO Fly Shop –


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Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show

The Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show is this coming Saturday, February 4th, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. FrankenFly will be at the show tying up some streamers! I tied at this show last year for the first time and it is a great show! They have a lot of vendors and seminars, plus it is very well attended. I’m looking forward to it and I hope to see you there!

Find out even more at their website.

Buckeye United Fly Fishers will host the annual
Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show
Saturday, February 4, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

At our great venue in Northeast Cincinnati

Oasis Conference Center
902 Loveland-Miamiville Road
Loveland, OH

  • Admission $10 per person at the door
  • Scouts in uniform – FREE
  • Kids 12 and under – FREE
  • Parking at the Conference Center – FREE
  • Over 21,000 sq ft of exhibition, demonstration, and presentation space
  • Something for all fly fishers – from beginner to advanced
  • Over 75 exhibitors – vendors, fly tiers, DNR booths, and others
  • Educational fly fishing speakers
  • Casting Pond – instructions and/or try out a rod from one of the vendors
  • Fly tying demonstrations with a special kids tying area
  • Kids area with fun things to see and do
  • Boy Scouts – work on your Fly Fishing Merit Badge in the Scout Room
  • Fishing guides and fishing lodge representatives
  • Canoes, kayaks, pontoons, and other watercraft
  • Raffles and door prizes
  • Expanded snack bar – deli sandwiches, burgers, dogs, chicken, salads, soda, water, coffee, beer, cookies, candy, popcorn and more

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Fly Tying 101 – Loon Outdoors Episode 1 & 2

In case you didn’t get a chance to catch it, here is episode 1 and 2 of Loon Outdoors Fly Tying 101. This is a live event that is produced by Loon Outdoors and it covers fly patterns for beginners. This has ran through the entire month of January. Matt Callies of Loon Outdoors shows you how to tie several fly patterns that are just right for beginners.


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Firefly – Gunnar Brammer

From Gunnar:
“I give a step by step tutorial on a Micro Sized Flashabou Baitfish pattern perfect for warmwater, saltwater, and trout alike.

Hey guys, I hadn’t realized this when I made the video but a friend of mine – Chris Slywka developed a very similar fly with the “Flash Bang” name. So out of respect for him have changed the name to Firefly for the time being.

To order the dubbing brush device, head to


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This is Fly #61

Read Now

We would like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year and announce the latest issue of This is Fly Magazine. As we begin our 10th year of production we are excited to work with the most talented writers, photographer, artists, musicians and anglers in and outside of the fly fishing industry. It’s our goal to continue to work with the elite contributors but to also seek out the next generation and undiscovered talent. We look forward to exploring the globe and presenting more stellar content to our readership. Have a healthy and adventurous 2017!

This is Fly Magazine’s Issue 61 begins with Florian Kaiser’s record setting trip in search of The Holy Grail aka Giant Peacock Bass. Longtime TIF contributor Derek Olthuis explains why you should not Place Blame on yourself, but suck it up and experience saltwater fly fishing; embracing and growing from any adversity. David Carmona gets a Christmas Island wish during a memorable week reliving The GT Crash. KC Badger and crew find out why Chum Salmon Are Punks as they ditch the overcrowded Steelhead runs and target this overlooked species. Corin Smith shines after Finding South African Gold, the incredible new freshwater sight fishing venue in the Orange River for Yellowfish, Catfish and Carp. Mark Hieronymus paints the perfect picture of the Tongass National Forest and why we need to protect this salmon sanctuary. Christiaan Pretorius is at it again, this time he’s in search of tarpon, but we are talking about The Big Ones found in the Nicaraguan jungle.

We talk shop with Randy Hanner about growing up in southern Missouri and his evolution into the sport of fly fishing and tying. He’s now an Umpqua signature tier with many sought after patterns to his credit and competes on the US Fly Fishing Team.

Our featured artist is California-based Tanner Goldbeck who explains what it’s like being an artist now with social media. Tanner says, “I’m naturally a grumpy old man so I’d say the old days were much better, but then I just took a pic of my drawing and I’m going Instagram it right after I type this out. It’s a love/hate sort of thing.”

Lastly, our featured photographer John Van Vleet’s who has been a long time friend of ours and it’s pretty bad that it took us 10 years to showcase his amazing diverse collection of photos. John’s work will transport you to Belize, Mexico, British Columbia and back to Montana with a strong continuity that pulls all the images together.

Enjoy and thanks for your support! Read Now

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Streamer Chronicles — Erik Griffen

The current episode in Brian Wise’s Streamer Chronicles.
From Brian:
“A little backstory…… Every good experiment (like Streamer Chronicles) has to have a control. Erik Griffen is the control of Streamer Chronicles. You see, Erik is 17, and a fisherman of mine. The first time him and his dad came to fish with me, I was rigging a nymphing rig for him and he (VERY politely) asked “Um, excuse me sir, do you care if I threw streamers all day instead of nymphing”…….For a 13 year old kid to say that, he grabbed my attention. The kid can fish, he handles the stick as good or better than most guys twice his age (and acts twice as old as most of those guys too). But bottom line—-I wanted to see what the next generation of streamer fisherman had to say–and he drops some GEMS!”

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Detached deer hair body mayfly with Barry Ord Clarke

From Barry:
“This body technique can be used for all types of detached bodies, daddy’s, midges, caddis flies etc. So give it a go and put it to good use.”

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Tony Sandrone and Nightmare Musky Flies

Tony Sandrone

I’ve been following Tony and NightMare Musky Flies (on Instagram mainly), for quite awhile now, and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of flies Tony is tying and putting out there. He has several types of modern musky flies that look killer and are catching big fish! Flies like Kraken, Beast Changer, Darkhorse, Dingle Barry, and Zero Gravity.  Below Tony tells us a little more about himself and how NightMare Musky Flies got started. You can follow NightMare Musky Flies on Facebook: or on Instagram @nightmaremuskyflies


From Tony Sandrone:
“I have been an avid fisherman since I was a child. I grew up in Southern Wisconsin, moved to central Wisconsin in 1998 and was introduced to fly fishing by a buddy in 2007. It was all over from there! I started fishing for panfish, but quickly progressed into targeting larger fish with a fly rod. After moving to Eagle River in 2010, I found myself working at local fishing shops and guiding. Once I realized I could not purchase a predator fly locally to fit my needs, my mission began. Which led to the start of Nightmare Musky Flies.

Being immersed in the world of conventional fishing gear has played a pivotal role in my fly tying style. Conventional lures such as the Bulldog, Mag 10 Bucktails, and the Bucher Shallow Raider all play a role in my design process. My flies are heavily influenced by tyers such as Blane Chocklett, Niklaus Bauer, and Brian Wise to name a few. My main focus is on large articulated flies. There’s nothing quite like seeing a fly the size of a muppet getting inhaled boatside by a crocodile!

Being fortunate enough to work with great companies such as; Flymen Fishing Co, Superfly, Partridge Hooks, Hareline, and Wiggle Tails, allows me to produce the quality flies that I do. With the advancement of fly tying materials and the caliber of tyers today, I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Eric Grajewski caught this beast on a Peanut Butter Kraken


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Chuck Furimsky’s Turbo Tail

From Tim Cammisa:
In this fly tying tutorial, Chuck Furimsky is our guest tyer and shares his Turbo Tail pattern. This unique tie features Chuck’s Bugskin material, and there is no doubt that his creativity shows with this one. Chuck does an excellent job tying, plus shares a lot of great stories and thoughts along the way.

If interested in purchasing the Turbo Tail fly tying material, please contact Mike Hogue of Badger Creek: 607-347-4946

This video also features some incredible underwater camera footage by Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions; please visit his site here:

Hook: Partridge Ad Swier Pike; # 8/0
Thread: Ultra 210 Denier; white
Tail Guard: 25# monofilament
Tail: Turbo Tail; X-large
Body: EP Craftfur Brush

Thanks for viewing this YouTube fly fishing tutorial, and I encourage you to view my additional videos at the following website:

Chuck Furimsky is the creator of the largest fly tying show in the world, the International Fly Tying Symposium; check out information about the show here:

Let us know what you think of this pattern, and if it’s one you will tie or fly fish with. Feel free to leave any additional variations, questions, or comments on this YouTube page, or you can email me:

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a Tight Loop Magazine – Winter 2017

The Winter 2017 edition of a Tight Loop Magazine is live! Check it out!

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