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Sulphur Nymph

Patrick Sessoms of Due South Outfitters showing off one of his go-to spring patterns in NC and TN. It is a pattern that resembles a BWO nymph. This fly is killer in NC and TN.

Materials Include:

Allen Fly Fishing W502 #16 Hook
Allen 2mm black nickel tungsten bead
Light brown 10/0 thread
Pheasant tail
Super fine copper wire
Pale yellow dry fly dubbing


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CDC Hatchmaster – Davie McPhail

Davie ties a CDC Hatchmaster dry fly.
You might be wondering, if this is the CDC Hatchmaster, how do you tie the original Hatchmaster. Well, I dug way back into Davie’s videos and found the original he tied 6 years ago. That video is below. Pretty cool dry fly.

Davie ties a Hatchmaster dry fly.

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Tim Morales – fly tyer introduction

I met Tim at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in Michigan. He came to my table and had a box of flies with him and wanted me to take a look to see what I thought. Tim’s flies were tied very well and looked great! He ties very cleanly. So well, that he doesn’t need to be asking anymore if his flies look good enough, they already do. I wanted him to send me some information and photos of a few flies he has tied, which you will find below. Tim is on Instagram, so be sure to give him a follow @t1mb3an.

I started fishing at age four when my grandfather took me out on a little lake near Greenville, Michigan. Ironically, my first fish was caught on a fly rod that my grandpa had rigged with bait. He casted for me just a short ways out and I caught my first fish, a Largemouth Bass. It was at that point a passion was sparked that has shaped the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up another fly rod until the age of 14. Ever since then it has been my preffered method of fishing. I am now 22 and have graduated to tying my own flies. Initially, I started tying because my local shops didn’t always have what I was looking for. I immersed myself in everything fly tying and attempted to learn as many techniques as I possibly could. My preferred target for fly fishing are trout… browns and rainbows to be exact. So far I have caught trout on two continents and I look forward to what the future will hold!

CF Baitfish

CF Baitfish
This pattern I tied with trout and bass on my mind however I am sure it would work for a variety of target species depending on the color and size. This color scheme is geared more towards Scandanavian sea trout. A very simple pattern, this is tied with craft fur and ice dub.

Split Back PMD

Split Back PMD
I am not sure who the original creator of this pattern is but I tied these with the intention of targeting browns and rainbows. I plan on fishing it on point with a small parachute on a dropper when BWO’s, PMD’s, sulfers, and March Browns are coming off. My thinking is that I can fish both the subsurface emerging nymphs and duns when they are coming off. Materials are, pheasant tail, hare’s ear/squirrel blend dubbing, body glass, foam, and goose biots.

Hot Head Stone

Hot Head Stone
This pattern was inspired by Max Inchausti who posted something very similar to his instagram gallery @east_coast_fly_fishing. I tied this with browns and midwest steelhead in mind however I cannot see why this wouldn’t work on a variety of species. Materials are, 0.020 lead wire underbody, sili legs, hare’s ear/squirrel blend dubbing, opal mirage tinsel, black wire, and Kiley’s nymph skin.

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Panfish Pez – Todd Schotts

This is one of the cool bugs I saw Todd Schotts of Grizzly Flies tying up at the recent Midwest Fly Fishing Expo. Todd says this is an excellent fly for bluegill and crappie. The Whiting Black Laced Hen Hackle is sweet looking on this fly. Todd sent home a couple with me to take photos of and he included the material list below.

Material list:
Scud hook size 8 or 10
Holographic flash for the body,
Whiting Black Laced Hen Hackle
Collar is Angora Goat.
The rubber wing is from a Chennille Catapillar from the dollar store. Pictured below.
Bead for the head

From Todd:
“I fish this with short, slow strips, and after each strip, a twitch. Sort of like a jig action. I tie these in two colors; Chartreuse and Orange.”


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Faux Bucktail Popper

Gunnar gives a step by step instruction on how to tie a Pike Popper using FlymenFishingCo’s new Faux Bucktail.

Material List:
2/0 Ahrex Light Predator Sting
Tail: Faux Bucktail
Wing: Magnum Flashabou (Barred Yellow, Dyed Pearl)
Bottom Wing: Polar Flash
Collar: Extra Select Craft Fur
Head: Flymen’s Double Barrel Popper (L)
Eyes: Flymen’s Dragon Eyes (6mm)
Legs: Hedron’s Perfect Rubber

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To the fly tyer March is a little bit like the week before finals in college: you realize that you should have been more diligent and productive than you were during the (now expired) season. Fortunately, most of us have found that it is easier to stay on top of fly production than studies… but that is another story.

This week on Loon Live Matt is tying up a few patterns that will help get the juices going if you’ve been putting off restocking your trout box. There are some new materials in these patterns and, as always, Matt does a great job of putting his own twist on some bugs that look familiar.

We’ll see you on Thursday at 6pm PST! Come with your comments and questions; that’s the beauty of the live stream!


Hook: #4 NS 122 Ahrex
Tail: Black Barred Groovy Bunny – Blue/Yellow/White
Silver Reflector Flash
Senyo Chormatic Brush
Magic Minnow Belly
Faux Bucktail – Green and Blue
Senyo Predator Wrap
Eyes: ICE Eyes
Head: UV Clear Fly Finish – Thin

Hook: Daiichi 1167
Body: Life Flex – Brown and Orange
STS Dubbing – Brown Stone
Ice Dub – PT
Collar: CDC – Brown

Hook: Jig Hook 4640 #14
Bead: Tugnsten – 1/8 in
Tail: Bronze Mallard
Veevus Tinsel – Brown
Midge Tubing – Yellow
Ice Dub – PT
STS Trilobal – Brown Stone
Collar: Yellow Partridge – Sunburst

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Tie TV – Rippled Fire Dragon – Niklaus Bauer

In this episode of Tie TV, Niklaus Bauer from Fly-Dressing shows us how to tie a really cool articulated pike fly with a Dragon Tail.

The fly has a high and narrow profile which makes it cut the water really well and you can even get a side-to-side action if you twitch it – deadly for big pike…

Material list:


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Fly Fishing The Ozarks – Vlog 2

Streamers on the Current River, lunch with a great older lady, tying with a bunch of cool people, and illegally flying the drone……VLOG #2 is born.

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Photo dump: Midwest Fly Fishing Expo 2017

I just got back last night from another terrific show at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in Warren, Michigan, which is on the outskirts of Detroit. I go every year, but this year was probably the best show I’ve had. I had a lot of FrankenFly readers coming up to my booth and chatting, watching me tie, and checking out the flies.

To note, I got to chat with Bill Spicer of the TV series, The New Fly Fisher, who was interested in me tying him some bugs. I walked around and talked with George Daniel who was great and will be sending me a little something to post up on FrankenFly from him. This is the first time I’ve met Chuck Furminsky who started the infamous “The Fly Fishing Show” that is now all over the place. Oh and I got to meet Ryan Keene and check out his art. Real nice guy and great artist!

I love this show because I have so many friends that are there. It’s always a lot of fun to catch up with everyone and cut up.

Last but not least I want to give a shout out to David Humphries of River Traditions. David made some awesome fly boxes for me including an etched streamer box that I’ll be posting about later. (I kept the first one for myself, haha!) Plus, David made more bottle opener, fish key chains printed with “FrankenFly” right there on the spot at the show. Thank you David!

I walked around like I usually do and tried to get some photos. I had limited time, so I wasn’t able to capture everyone I wanted, but here are some for you guys to check out. I stole two from Brian Kozminski of True North Trout too.


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3 Ways to Reverse/Hollow Tie Faux Bucktail with Blane Chocklett.

Blane Chocklett answers some questions regarding the new Faux Bucktail from Flymen Fishing.

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