Around the Net – 3/16/2013


It has been almost a month since the last “Around the Net” so I thought it was a good time to throw up another one. First, I wanted to show off my new vise! I posted it on the FrankenFly Facebook page, but not everyone will see it there. I went with a JVice. If you have never heard of JVice, you can find out more about them on their website. Jay Smit runs a good shop and makes a quality product. This isn’t just me talking, there are numerous posts over at the confirming it. I’ve heard people ask when using the rotation on the vise does it keep the hook in-line. The answer is, yes, it absolutely does. I’ve just started using the vise, but love it. It operates easily, holds a hook solid, and looks good to boot! By the way, I have the standard jaws. To give you an idea of how big of hook it will hold, the standard jaws will hold a 6/0 hook with ease.

My friend Doug Stout who has recently been on FrankenFly with all of the wonderful things he can design and create made the base for me. As you can see by his previous posts he makes nice granite bases. On mine, he had to custom drill to allow for the thick JVice stem and it fits like a dream! He also added a nice touch with the three white stripes that really adds to the look of the vise.

So, I’m in heaven with this new vise and you will be seeing it much more around here on FrankenFly.


MPLS Fly on Facebook has been churning out some good looking flies lately and this is one of them. They mention it’s good for largemouth bass or musky. Chris Willen of Musky Country Outfitters tied this one. I’m liking that!


This is another fly by MPLS Fly and it’s called the Beaver Buster. The word is, it will make a nice carp fly, especially for Beaver Island, hence the name. I’ll be posting a step-by-step of this one on FrankenFly in the future.


Switching gears a bit to my buddy Doug Korn and his BWO Spinner. Doug posted this on his blog and I dig BWOs. Head over to Doug’s post to check out the details.


Dave Hosler of created this bad boy. If I’m right, this one will be hanging in a tattoo shop. I think it would make a nice wall display for sure!


This beautiful fly is from Mike Decoteau of Red Spot Fly. The heading on this read “Olive and seafoam green on an 8/0 hook…”


Rich Strolis took this photo of his Juggernaut. The fly is lying on an Ipad mini to show the true size of the Juggernault. Cool looking fly! You can find Rich’s blog here.


Don Bastian posted some nice extended body mayfly duns. This one is his original BXB Slate Drake Thorax Dun.


These Diving Frogs were tied by the legendary Dave Whitlock. His wife posted them on Facebook for all to enjoy. Love them!


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3 Responses to Around the Net – 3/16/2013

  1. Leigh

    I have used the JVice for several years and agree with your assessment. I even converted Mike Radencich, the famed salmon fly guru to this vise, and Mike has now done Jay’s website and spiffed it up. Jay Smitt, the owner of JVice, is a pleasure to deal with. I tie everything from 22 midges to 6/0 salmon flies on this vise and find it unbeatable. The unique shape allows you to get your hand low behind the hook for mounting tails and wings, better than any other vise I know of, and I’ve tied with many and own a few others. I love the Regal for it’s simplicity of operation, and use it regularly, but nothing beats my JVice.

  2. Eric

    Wow,…nice vise, Paul! It looks like you went with the “salmon head” body. Was the star tension knob a choice he offered? The white looks fantastic on that granite base. You made a fine choice.

    • Paul Beel

      Thanks Eric! Yes, it’s the salmon head body. I did not specify the star tension knob, it just came with it.
      Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you like it! I love it!