Articulated Pike Streamer – Dougie Loughridge

Hook: Partridge Universal Predator X 2/0
Thread: UTC 140 fluo white
Tail: Veniards white bucktail, white Icelandic sheep, white saddle hackles
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash
Rear body: Veniards Tri-lobal holographic medium silver, Veniards white Schlappen, chartreuse and white marabou.
Front body section: Fish Skull Articulated shank 35mm
Eyes: Funky lightweight dumbells 10mm in ‘rockfish’ colour.
Head: Veniards Pike Brush, red.
Glue: Zap a Gap
UV resin: Bug-Bond.

Step 1:
Tie in a bunch of white bucktail after removing any underfur and short fibres. Coat with Bug-Bond to stiffen (helps prevent fouling). Next tie in white icelandic sheep (again, remember to remove underfur) taking care to distribute around the shank. Add two strands of pearl Krystal flash each side and top off with 2 cream white saddle hackles.


Catch in a white schlappen feather by the tip followed by the trilobal. Wind the trilobal forward in touching turns, stroking fibers back as you progress, then palmer the schlappen feather forward and tie down (you can overwrap this with wire for extra security if you wish).

Step 3:
Cut a generous clump of white bucktail and reverse tie in. Touch the thread wraps with glue before pushing back (a cut section of biro pen is good for this).


Step 4:
In front of the bucktail, catch in a white marabou feather by the tip and wind forward, following this with a chartreuse green. Again, you can wind some fine silver wire through this if you want added protection from the Pikes teeth. Form a small, neat head and coat with Bug-Bond.


Step 5:
Taking your Fish Skull 35mm Articulated Shank, slip the rear section of the fly on before securing back in the vise.


Step 6:
Close the shank eye up tightly with your thread, coating in superglue. At this point tie in a generous clump of white marabou, covering the articulation point. Tie in 2 reverse ties of white bucktail. Tie in a grizzle feather on each side of the fly, it should go back about 2/3 length of the fly. Tie in a few more strands of Krystal Flash and 2 cream white saddle hackles at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions. Ensure you coat the tie in points with superglue or Bug-Bond.


Step 7:
Catch in another white marabou feather by the tip then tie in the dumbell eyes with fig8 wraps and glue. Wind the marabou through the eyes and catch in.


Step 8:
Tie in a small clump of chartreuse marabou on the underside then catch in the red Pike brush.


Step 9:
Wind the Pike brush through the eyes, stroking back the fiber and trying not to trap too much down. Tie in securely and superglue. Using a piece of velcro, pick the pike brush out to form a nice head. Whip finish the thread, colour it with a red marker and finish with Bug-Bond.


Step 10:
The finished Articulated Pike Streamer.


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