Beadhead Mini Woolly Bugger – Andy Satanek

AMS Beadhead Mini Woolly Worm Brown w Burnt Orange Butt 14

The Beadhead Mini Woolly Bugger.  A host of advantages accrue to the angler targeting panfish (bluegills, pumpkinseeds, redears, crappies) who actively moves the Beadhead Mini Woolly Worm in low-light conditions.  Stripping the fly creates a life-like movement and bulges for the panfish to home in on … along with telegraphing light strikes.  One of my favorite and productive tactics is actively working the fly just below the surface film when fishing outside edges of submerged weedbeds and timbers draws the fish’s attention and prevent hang-ups.  Don’t be surprise if you hook-up and battle a largemouth bass … I have caught a good number of largemouth bass with this tactic.

Beadhead Mini Woolly Worm, Brown (size 14 shown above)
Hook – TMC 100 (standard dry)
Sizes – 12 to 16
Beadhead – Gold
Thread – Dark Brown
Butt – Burnt orange Antron yarn
Rib – Gold extra-fine wire, countered wrapped
Body – Brown rabbit dubbing
Hackle – Grizzly saddle dyed brown, tie-in at the front and palmered back

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Beadhead Mini Woolly Worm 14

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