Black Back Wiggletail in Roach

Paul Monaghan ties up a Black Back Wiggletail. Enjoy!

Generous amounts of bucktail, flash and Nayat (Snow Runner) create an awesome baitfish profile. Add a wiggletail to tempt those big Pike and Muskie..

Material List:

Hook/Rig: Sakuma Manta 546 6/0, Knot2Kinky Titanium 55lb, shrinktube, crimp, bead (optional) and Holo gold Jumbo Slim wiggletail and Mustad Fastac clip.

Thread 100d GSP white
Bucktail in white and medium dunn
Nayat (Snow Runner) in grey and black
Red wool roving
Black wool roving mixed with black angelina fibre
White Deer Creek Mega Lazer dub ( or use white wool roving mixed with silver angelina fibre)
Metz Natural grizzly saddle
Hedron Magnum Flashabou in Moonlight
Hedron standard Flashabou in silver and black
Hedron Mirage in pink
Holofusion in opal
Jerkbaitmania 12mm eyes


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3 Responses to Black Back Wiggletail in Roach

  1. Craig andree

    How do make the tailing rig? What is the shrink wrap for and the crimp? Do you have step by step or video on making these. The fly video does not show how these are made.

    • Paul Beel

      That is a good question.
      I’ll see if I can get someone to make a video about the rigging.


    • Paul Monaghan

      Hi Craig, I struggled capturing the rig making on the video so excluded. Its very simple though. Fold approx 10cm of 55lb titanium wire in half. Insert some shrink over the bend and heat. Add the crimp to close the loop. The shrink tube is there to add thickness. The wiggletail is tied to a size 1 Mustad Fastac clip, which I then attach to the small loop as explained. I find I lose those expensive tails if I exclude the shrink tube.
      Hope that helps