Bucket Mouth League – photo contest entries

I really appreciate all of the entries that were sent in for our first photo contest. I know it was late in the season and the decal wasn’t the best thing to have as part of a photo opportunity, but it was fun, so that’s all the matters.

Below are the Bucket Mouth League Photo Contest entries. Please send an email to frankenflycontests@gmail.com and vote on your favorite or the one you think deserves to win. I placed a number in front of each one, so please include that number when saying what your vote is in the email. They are in no specific order. Anyone can vote, but only vote one time please.  I will announce the winner Thursday, October 22nd, so please get your vote in by Wednesday. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, so good luck to everyone!


#1 – Kyle Schmer

I have made a popper with a miniature Bucket Mouth League Decal. You can see it in front.

Contest Photo

#2 – Marty Horn

A bucket mouth caught while in my kayak.


#3 – Brian Wileman

Sitting on the porch having a drink after fly fishing in the surf all day.


#4 – Jeff Price

This is my lineup for chasing bucketmouths.  I am a huge fan of top water.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats top water fly fishing for bass.  Here you have an assortment of size 4 pencil poppers, tapered cupped and slotted poppers as well as some size 2 foam divers.


#5 – Davin Topel

Just moved to Austin, Tx from Park city, UT where I fished the Provo and Weber River. I got into fly fishing for bass since moving here.  I Found your website and had to join the league. I started tying these mouse patterns and they have been hitting them great at night. I lost 2 other monsters before this one. Anyways here is my entry for the contest. Love the website!


#6 – Daniel Seaman

Its a simple yet effective pattern for basically any species of predator fish. Its one of several versions of a craft fur minnow. I have taken a few existing minnow tying techniques and combined them to create this version. It only takes a few minutes to tie, and its very cost efficient. Craft fur looks great in the water on any fly, the natural taper to the hair makes it easy….However, the trick to this version is how to tie it on the hook to get it to act and look the way it does in the water. I will be doing a tutorial very soon, as I have had a lot of requests for one.


#7 – Alex Vaughan

Here are my best producing (original) fly patterns for bass this season with a picture of my biggest fly caught bass of the summer (just shy of 5 lbs).


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