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Tie Like a Pro – Episode 1 – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar has started a new fly tying video series called “Tie Like a Pro” where he asked for questions from subscribers and is now answering those questions. This is the first episode.

From Gunnar:
“This is episode 1 of Tie Like a Pro! To start off this series we are taking a quick look into the basics of tying and thread control. Topics include proper hook placement, casting on, thread base, thread tension, spinning threads, pinch/set/and lock wraps, and different threads used for streamer tying.” About me – head to the blog section of my Website:

The fly tying vise Gunnar is using in the video is an HMH Standard.

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Composite Loop Zonker

Tim Flagler shows how to tie a composite loop style streamer. This is a technique originated by Jerry French.
You might have noticed the composite loop mentioned in some other posts here on FrankenFly. It’s a cool technique that you can do a lot with. So be sure to check it out.

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Two Simple Tricks to Improve the Consistency of Your Flies – Kelly Galloup

From Galloup’s Slide Inn:
In this tying tips segment, Kelly will show you two simple yet highly effective ways to improve the consistency of your fly patterns.

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Establishing Thread Control – Kelly Galloup

From Kelly:
“Thread control is perhaps the most important element in all of fly tying, but is seldom discussed. Once you learn to establish proper thread control, your speed and efficiency will increase dramatically in addition to making your flies look more consistent.”

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Squirmy Wormy

Some tips and tricks for dealing with tying with this material.

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Tie-Fast Knot Tool

I thought I would follow up the previous knot video with another one. So I was fishing last weekend with Dave from Pile Cast and I needed a new leader on my line, but I told Dave I was too lazy to change it. So he got out his knot tool and whipped one up in no time. This made me a believer in the knot tool. Although, I still want to keep in practice of tying knots myself, I think this tool can come in very handy. The video above shows you just how easy it can be.

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Perfection Loop

In this video, Tim Flagler shows how to tie the Perfection Loop. This is a extremely useful not in fly fishing. I use this myself when looping my fly line to my leader. Useful stuff!

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Lefty Kreh & Bob Clouser Demonstrate Whip Finishing

Here are two legends demonstrating how to do a whip finish. Bob and Lefty show you how to use a tool to whip finish and how to correctly use just your fingers to do a whip finish. Whip finishing is one of those fly tying techniques that can be very hard to understand when you are first starting. Bob and Lefty break it down for you in this blast from the past fly tying video!

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How to Use Rhea When Tying Streamers – April Vokey

This video explains how to use rhea when tying streamers used for a variety of species in either fresh or saltwater.

*Please note – this video is not intended to show how to tie one specific pattern, rather it is to demonstrate several different applications and how/why they’re done.

We recommend using rhea in flies of all sizes, and encourage anglers to use them in patterns that use heron, marabou, faux hair, ostrich, and anything else that is used for length/movement. While rhea is famed for its length, remember that small, short and sparse flies can sometimes be even more appealing to fish, and so we encourage anglers to try using rhea in smaller, more traditional patterns as well.

Our rhea ranges between $8-$9 CDN, and we guarantee our feather quality, length/size, and low prices.

We do all of our dying in-house and specially source our materials direct from farmers in South America where sustainable efforts are practiced.

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How to Sharpen Razor Scissors

Hopper Juan Ramirez shows us how to sharpen razor scissors.


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