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Deer Creek Pro Razor Scissors

Back in February in a post where I included a video of Kelly Galloup talking about scissors, I included a note mentioning the red, white, and blue Deer Creek scissors that I use and love! These are fined point scissors and very sharp. I use these for all of my close-up, small area work, but I also use them as my main scissors. I’m just careful not to use them to cut synthetics or wire.

Well, Deer Creek now has them available again on their website. They are called Deer Creek Pro Razor Scissors. You can find them here:
They also have a red, white, and green version now as well. Check them out, they are well worth the price. I’ve been using my first pair for well over a year now and they are still going strong. (Just don’t drop them on a hard surface, because you could damage the tips.)


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New Micro Tip Scissors from Loon Outdoors

Loon Outdoors has just released two new pairs of scissors. I’ve been using Loon Outdoors’ other scissors for quite some time now and I’m extremely happy with them. Check out information on their new Micro Tips below.

The New, Hand-Tuned Micro-Tip Scissors

It’s fly-fishing season and that means less time at the tying bench and more time on the water. Loon Outdoors wants to help you with that goal by getting you the high-quality goods you expect from them. They sharpens each pair of scissors by hand before shipping them to customers, unlike competitors, making them sharper and, therefore, more precise.

Introducing two new pairs of scissors for this fly-fishing season: The Ergo Micro Tip Arrow Point Scissors and The Ergo Micro Tip All Purpose Scissors. Available now. Please keep these in mind as you put together reviews of fly-tying products.


The go-to when perfection is the standard. Ergonomic handles comfortably accommodate fingers of all sizes, and the Micro Tip blades were designed for precise cuts in tight quarters. 3.5″, $17.95; available here



These 4″ scissors were sized for versatility, designed for comfort, and sharpened for precision. Ergonomic handles comfortably accommodate fingers of all sizes, and the Micro Tip blades were designed for precise cuts in tight quarters. $18.95; available here

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Choosing the Right Fly Tying Scissors – Kelly Galloup

Coming to you from Kelly Galloup’s Slide Inn.
In this Q&A segment, Rob Roser asks: ” There are a many different kinds of scissors out there marketed for fly tying. Straight, curved, serrated, smooth, etc. Problem is I find many of them to be junk. Could you discuss what you look for when you select scissors – and perhaps whether you use different scissors for deer hair than you would for other tying? Finally, could you show us your technique for tying while keeping your scissors in your hand?”

Kelly primarily talks about Dr. Slick scissors in this video. I have been using Loon Outdoors’ newest scissors since they came out last year and really like them. They hold up just as well as Dr. Slicks.
Also, Kelly mentions the Arrow Point scissors and I agree with him. However, I have a pair of Deer Creek scissors that are very fine tipped scissors. They are the only scissors I’ve found that get really close when tying a small bug. These are finer than Arrow Points. I always use these when I’m tying small dry flies. Deer Creek is out of them right now, but are having more made. They are Red, white, and blue. I will let you know when they are available. Deer Creek does sell orange handled scissors that are serrated and they are great scissors. I use them all of the time. They are not as fine as the red/white/blue ones, but about the same as the Arrow Points.

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Apex Predator Bobbin – Kickstarter

Apex Predator bobbin

Ilias Karanzas has started his company, Karanzas Fly Co. His first project is a bobbin called the Apex predator bobbin series. Carbon fiber frame, all anodized aluminum parts, over sized axel for extra sturdiness. Simple, yet reliable drag system, XL ceramic tube that has a bigger than average inner diameter and makes it easier to thread and nicer for people tying with thicker threads for those bigger bugs.

Instead of making a couple of different sizes, this one has an adjustable ceramic tube that can be adjusted according to preference or even swapped if someone is accident prone.

He needs your help to get this new bobbin off the ground, so he has started a Kickstarter project. Please see below and head over to the Kickstarter project to check it out.

Kickstarter page for Apex Predator Bobbin


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My new fly tying table from Hartman Woodworking!

The Sugar Creek

The Sugar Creek

While I was on Instagram about a month ago, I came across some awesome photos of fly tying tables made by Hartman Woodworking. Scrolling down their Instagram account had me drooling at the beautiful tables and accessories created by these guys. I wasted no time and messaged them right away about something for myself. After some questions were answered and other photos and options were explained to me, we were off and running. A fly tying table with the options I needed would be entering the build process.

The table is now completed, named The Sugar Creek. It is the table in the photo at the top. Hartman usually names your table after one of your favorite streams.

These guys were great to work with. They are very pleasant and will answer all of your questions. Many of the tables they had designed and created before had different options, but one of the main options I wanted, was the wood section coming straight out so I can attach my vise using a C clamp. I just explained what I wanted and these guys had no problem with it. They asked me what type of wood I wanted for the table and sent me design specs and asked where I wanted my trays and shelves and even the diameter and size of the trays.
One of the options I had seen in their other tables that I thought looked amazing was the rotating tool tray. I selected mine to be a 3/4 circle tray made of black walnut. The table itself is made from hickory. I even told them exactly what size I wanted the table to be, so it would fit correctly on my desk. Three of my trays have a rare earth magnet under them to use for hooks or whatever I wanted. The trays with the magnets just look like normal wooden tray spaces, but are magnetic. The icing on the cake was the LED lamp they mounted on the table.

I just received my table yesterday and I am elated on how well it turned out! It’s beautiful! The pedestal tool tray houses all of my tools, I have a lot of space for my thread, glue, and other tools and accessories. I also have a lot more tying space than I had before. The wooden section that was needed for my vise is perfect. Everything is made just like I wanted and I couldn’t be happier!


Read below to find out more about Hartman Woodworking and how you can get in touch with them to purchase a table of your own.



Hartman Woodworking is a Father-Son owned and operated business that designs and handcrafts heirloom quality custom woodworking products. We specialize in custom Fly Tying Tables, Benches, Desks and other Fly Tying furniture and accessories. We use the finest hardwoods, long lasting hardware, superior tools, precision cuts, biscuit joints and hand finishing that provides our signature heirloom quality products that will last more than a lifetime. Josh the son, is an avid seasoned fly fisherman and fly tyer who frequently wets his line in the trout streams of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Colorado and always has his eye on the new innovative products for the sport. Steve the father, is a seasoned woodworker that uses his engineering background to design and craft the finest products that are made to be functional, beautiful and made to last for the next generation. Each product is handcrafted in our shop located in Millersville, Maryland where they get individually handcrafted, hand finished, serialized and signed by handcrafters Josh and Steve.



We offer some standards products that were originally designed for one of our many customers that have then been sold to other customers that wanted the same products. We specialize in developing unique wood products for the occasional tyer and the professional tyer. Our customers are included in the design process, wood selection, layout and final finishing, by sharing photos of work in process, so that you can even make some changes as things come together.

We maintain a Facebook page ( where we put lots of on-going photos of what is happening in the shop and some of where owner, Josh, may be wetting his line. There are a lot of pictures on Instagram ( so that you can follow all of the current work, products, shop changes or just how some finished products look. We also maintain a fully functional e-commerce website ( where you can browse and order most of our standard products or request a quote for a custom project.

We also feature some of our products at local fly shops and currently have some inventory at all four TCO Fly Shops in Pennsylvania ( and The Beaver Creek Fly Shop near Hagerstown, MD ( Stop in at one of these five fly shops to see some of our products. Make a purchase or get more information about custom orders! Contact us about any products, questions or just to find out more information:

Via email:

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Vintage Fly Tying Bobbins

Classic Fly Tyer walks you through some vintage fly tying bobbins and telling you a little of the history of each.

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Fly tying lights – ProLite

Back in November I wrote a post about ProLite fly tying lights and below is a quality video just released by Alert Stamping.


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ProLite Tying Lamps

lamp3I’ve been using a ProLite Dual Lamp for about 6 months and I wanted to use it for this long to get a good feel for the lamp. I know many fly tyers who use these lamps and wondered where they purchased them. Surprisingly, I’ve found that Rite Bobbin sells them directly from their website. I really have enjoyed using mine and like the fact that I don’t have to worry about changing bulbs. The one thing I had to get used to at first was the light coverage. These are strong lights that produce plenty of light, but it is direct light. Meaning, it shines directly on your subject. If you are accustomed to a normal lamp which spreads the light out, then it will take you a short time to adjust. By using the dual lamp, I can angle each of the lights on each side of the fly I’m tying and it gives me all the light I need even if the rest of the room is pitch black. This is the only thing that stood out for me when adjusting to the new light. Everything about the lamp is in in good quality and I have found no problematic issues at all. See below to see the specifications and visit the Rite Bobbin site for pricing.

Basic lamp description:

  • LED bulbs (100,000 hours, plenty of illumination and no heat)
  • pure white light
  • C-Clamp for bench or table mount
  • Post Mount capability (great for traveling)
  • Heavy Base with tray (4 lbs)
  1. Single lamp + magnifier combination.
  2. Dual lamp configuration also offered.  This is my personal favorite, I orient the lamps in a “V” at about 10:00 and 2:00 o’clock and  the fly is never shaded by my hands.  AND, I( can look through the “V” and watch the ballgame!  🙂

These lamps were originally designed as circuit board inspection lamps and the fly tying modifications were added by the company president, an avid fly tyer.



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New Rite Bobbin website!


Rite Bobbin has a new revamped website and it’s a huge improvement over their old one. It’s professional, pleasing to the eyes, and easy to navigate. Visit and enjoy!

If you haven’t read my review on Rite Bobbins, you can find it here.

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Creek Nuts

Need some storage for your fly tying materials or fly fishing gear? If so, you might  want to take a look at what Creek Nuts has to offer. I ran across this browsing Facebook tonight and they build some really cool stuff! Owner Mark Hanni had this to say about starting Creek Nuts:

When I finished my first table, I took it to my basement and set it up with all my material and tools.  It was great!  I could tie at my own speed and stop and watch the game when I wanted – all from the comfort of my recliner.

As I was tying, my wife said, “You ought to sell those on the internet.”

I told her she was crazy – there was no way I could make the tables the same way every time, and shipping would be a nightmare!  So, I thought…

Here are some photos to whet your appetite. If you like what you see, head over to Creek Nuts to see more and read the details.

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