Cecil’s Hellboy

Cecil Guidry

Cecil Guidry

I spoke with Cecil Guidry at the Indiana Fly Fishing Expo last month and he was tying a cool foam pattern. This is Cecil’s Hellboy and it isn’t your grandpa’s foam fly.

Cecil demonstrates how to tie up his Hellboy fly. This is a fantastic topwater pattern for smallmouth & largemouth bass, tied in larger sizes and it is a good Northern Pike fly. Best of all, it is also a great panfish fly for LARGE slabs. With basically three materials there are an endless amount of color and material variations you can use to adapt this fly to your favorite water.

Visit Cecil at his website, Warm Water Chronicles.


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  1. rick schlarb

    how do i get in touch with him?????

  2. I can be reached by email. Or make send me your info and I will contact you.