Celtic Beauty – Gary Tanner

Celtic Beauty

Celtic Beauty

In 2011 Gary Tanner had the idea to create a hairwing salmon fly from a featherwing streamer. He thought the colors and materials of his featherwing streamer called the Deep Green Beauty would fit well for a hairwing salmon fly. You can read more about the initial creation on Gary’s blog. So he made the conversion into a fly he now calls the Celtic Beauty. After getting word from some guide friends of his that the fly was catching salmon extremely well, he decided the Celtic Beauty was definitely a keeper. He even heard from an angler in Michigan that caught brown trout on it. Below Gary shows us step-by-step how to tie his Celtic Beauty.

The list of materials:
Hook: My choices would be Daiichi 2441 or Gamakatsu T10-6H for regular ties, Daiichi’s Bob Veverka 2139 for low water.
Thread:  I like Gordon Griffiths 14/0 or Benecchi 12/0, in black
Tag and Rib:  Lagartun’s gold oval tinsel, size small for a #6 hook
Butt: Dubbed black beaver underfur
Body:  Uni-Floss Bright Yellow
Underthroat: Hareline’s UV Minnow Belly
Throat: Whiting’s American Hen Cape dyed Claret
Underwing: Flashabou Grizzly Pearl and Black Accent
Wing: Dark green hair of choice

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