Choosing the Right Fly Tying Scissors – Kelly Galloup

Coming to you from Kelly Galloup’s Slide Inn.
In this Q&A segment, Rob Roser asks: ” There are a many different kinds of scissors out there marketed for fly tying. Straight, curved, serrated, smooth, etc. Problem is I find many of them to be junk. Could you discuss what you look for when you select scissors – and perhaps whether you use different scissors for deer hair than you would for other tying? Finally, could you show us your technique for tying while keeping your scissors in your hand?”

Kelly primarily talks about Dr. Slick scissors in this video. I have been using Loon Outdoors’ newest scissors since they came out last year and really like them. They hold up just as well as Dr. Slicks.
Also, Kelly mentions the Arrow Point scissors and I agree with him. However, I have a pair of Deer Creek scissors that are very fine tipped scissors. They are the only scissors I’ve found that get really close when tying a small bug. These are finer than Arrow Points. I always use these when I’m tying small dry flies. Deer Creek is out of them right now, but are having more made. They are Red, white, and blue. I will let you know when they are available. Deer Creek does sell orange handled scissors that are serrated and they are great scissors. I use them all of the time. They are not as fine as the red/white/blue ones, but about the same as the Arrow Points.

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