Crayfish tube fly – Ruben Martin

I thought this looked like a simple tube fly especially if you are just beginning to tie tubes. See Ruben’s comments below. – Paul

This tube model is really effective in environments populated freshwater crabs , because they usually are a morsel coveted by the big fish of the place. In the Patagonian lakes and major rivers is one of the flies has been shown to be effective with large trout use with fast lines of type RIO DC, outgoing RIO , Teeny deep AirFlo Finder or sinking . In lakes are best shots monofilaments narrows as ” firing line ” because it is essential to have a fast sinking fly
While olive-colored results be more effective , you can tie in other colors depending imitate crab … brown , orange and black are generally those that complement our box.

Thread: UTC 70 or similar.

Tube: ProTube flexitube 40/10 or 40/40

Hook: Partridge Salar or similar

olive marabou , pearl polar flash and two tips a slim feathers of genetic rooster saddle cape grizzly olive

Body: olive cross cut rabbit strips.

Collar: a feather of rooster saddle dyed olive, with long and soft fibbers.

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