Cream Variant – Elsie Darbee

I wanted to post a fly by Elsie Darbee. This is an old Catskill dry fly called the Cream Variant. I’ll post more information about Elsie and her husband Harry. Both are legendary Catskill fly tyers. For now, here is a fly tied by Elsie.

Hook: Mustad R48 or Tiemco 921, size 12.
Thread: Yellow.
Tail: Cream hackle barbs.
Body: Cream hackle stem.
Hackle: Cream tied on as a collar.



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2 Responses to Cream Variant – Elsie Darbee

  1. Glenn Overton

    How wonderful that Terry Hellekson and I, Glenn Overton were able to take pictures of flies that Else Darbee tied for me years ago in her home. I believe she made three box sets of Art Flicks flies up to the time I left for Montana,
    We sure had so much fun together for me tying flies next to her and the many times I also feed the chickens. She was so kind to share her skills to so many and the reason why I taught free fly tying classes to past on to them the things I learn from this so kind of a lady and many other Catskill legions. Elsie was also a great cook.

    • Paul Beel

      This is wonderful to hear that you had a close friendship with Elsie.
      Very interesting.

      Thank you for the comment.