Davy Wotton Winged Wet Hare’s Ear/March Brown

A winged wet Hare’s Ear as traditional and elegant a fish catcher as you will find.

Winged wet flies date back to the early 19th Century UK, a time when the vice was considered a subversive influence, bamboo hadn’t really taken over from wood, and a light trout rod might be 12’ long. While other conventions of the time, buckled to progress, the winged wets remain.

Wet fly master and White River guide Davy Wotton demonstrates his winged wet technique on this classic pattern.

“The winged wet hares ear is one of the old traditional classics that will catch trout in any water they can be found. It’s particularly good during the caddis season and when water conditions are warm and trout are active to all manner of food sources.”

If you want more of Davy’s tying or wet fly fishing skills check out his DVDS, or book a trip (870 435 6166)

Our thanks to Davy for the demonstration Brian and Jenni Wise Fly Fishing the Ozarks flyfishingtheozarks.com for the video production


Tail: Few fibers of hen pheasant hackle or tan hen hackle. Or 3 strands of bronze mallard.
Body: Hares ear dubbing or SLF Whitlock number 1 Red Fox thorax.
Rib: Fine flat gold tinsel.
Wing: Either rooster ring neck pheasant or hen pheasant secondary wing quills.
Hackle: Hen pheasant neck or Brown partridge or tan/brown hen pheasant hackle

Video produced by Brian Wise: Fly Fishing the Ozarks flyfishingtheozarks.com
in conjunction with Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher, Cotter Arkansas. theozarkflyfisher.com

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