Deer Creek UV Resin review

Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex

Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex

Well…well…well, another review of a UV resin. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t planning to do another review of a UV resin or comparison or anything like that, for that matter. I used to think my light wasn’t strong enough or when it wasn’t completely tack free, that it was as tack free as UV resins get. Then people would say, “Just put Sally Hanson’s over it and it will be tack free.” To me, that was asinine and I wasn’t even about to attempt that process. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being tack free? I thought all of those things—until now, that is.

Actually, I don’t use UV resins these days unless I have a specific purpose for them. I just use Krazy Glue if I need to seal my thread head or to do normal gluing on streamers. For example, if I need the head of my fly to look good and shiny, I’ll use Deer Creek UV resin. Another instance; I have a soft hackle fly I designed called a “Bit of Alpaca” where I needed to coat the Flashabou body, so I used Deer Creek Diamond Fine UV resin. Then I have this new fly I’ve been working with this summer and I found using Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex worked perfectly.

Bit of Alpaca

Bit of Alpaca – soft hackle

So there, I said it, Deer Creek UV resin. This is the reason I have come to the point of writing another UV resin review. The truth, Deer Creek UV resin just plain works! The first time I used Deer Creek Diamond Fine, I was shocked and really impressed all at the same time. The light I was using and the light I still use is a Deer Creek pen light. When I first received it, I chuckled and thought to myself, “This little light will never work.” Guess what, it did work and it still works. It takes about 15 to 20 seconds to dry the resin for most applications. Sometimes it may require a little more time. But what matters is, the resin actually dries completely tack free. You can count on it and I count on it for my own flies.


Deer Creek Diamond Fine

Deer Creek just released the Diamond Fine Flex this year and I wanted to try it for this new fly. I’m not ready to say much about this new fly, but I’ll briefly explain, so you understand why I was using the UV resin. This new fly is a bottom bouncer with lead dumbbell eyes. I want it to sink to the bottom of the river or creek and drag it for smallmouth bass. So the dumbbell eyes are coated yellow and of course the way I’m using this fly causes the paint to chip off and it looks like crap. So I now use Diamond Fine Flex on the bottom of the lead dumbbell eyes to protect it from chipping. This worked like a charm! I have been fishing and dragging this fly that you see pictured below with no chips out of the paint. I have also taken this same fly by the tail and smacked it on concrete with no harm done to the paint or the dumbbell eyes. As you can see, there in no discoloration to the UV resin, it is still nice and clear looking.


Deer Creek makes one other type of UV resin and that is the Diamond Hard. This is to build up and thicken your resin application, but I haven’t tried that particular type. But I’m sure it works just as well as the other two. Like I mentioned, I have tried the Diamond Fine and the Diamond Fine Flex and I’m completely happy. This is the UV resin for me and I won’t have to worry about writing another review, because Deer Creek UV resin works and I’m sticking with it. I honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Deer Creek UV resin, without a doubt!

Deer Creek is a company located in the UK. You can visit their website here: Deer Creek website

Casters Fly Shop is the main Deer Creek outlet in the United States. You can visit their website here: Casters Fly Shop website

written by Paul J. Beel


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5 Responses to Deer Creek UV Resin review

  1. One resin to rule them all~

    I honestly have not tried all the other UV resins out there but I have found the perfect resin for me. Why waste more time and money just to come back to the best. Seriously, this resin is the real deal. No more Sally Hanson! No need for it. Trust me.

    Hopper Juan

  2. Daniel Seaman

    I have tried 5 brands of UV resins. Deer Creek is my favorite. Flex is amazing. I use it on materials where other UV resins do not work. (ex 1: rubber leg knots. flex allows the rubber to expand/contract as needed….other resins that are not flexible do not….and will not secure the knots….and your legs will untie after one fish.)

  3. Dave Hise

    I’ve used them all and I refuse to take the additional steps of using a top coat like rubbing alcohol or Sally Hansens. It defeats the purpose of using UV resin. You might as well use epoxy. Deer Creek is the best, bar none. Wet to set in seconds and no tacky residue left behind.

  4. Jon Hicks

    Will deer creek resin cure with using a CCG pro light?