DeliveryMan Articulated – Andreas Andersson

In this episode of Tie TV, the professional fly tyer Andreas Andersson shows us how to tie a big 10″ articulated pike/muskie fly called “DeliveryMan Articulated”. It’s a very cool fly with amazing swimming action from side to side and it’s easy to cast.


Hook: Partridge Predator CS86 X 4/0-6/0 in the front, 3/0-4/0 in the back
Glue: Zap Gel, Zap brush on, Devcon Epoxy, Uv -glue
Thread: Textreme Power thread 100D Vit
Connection: Partridge 49 strand pikewire 40 pound. 2-3 6mm plast pärlor.
Head: Craftfur in olive and orange
Eyes: Epoxy eyes 11mm Fl. röd
Bucktail Orange and sculpin olive
Textreme Bauer pike flash Holo Chartreuse
Textreme Bauer pike flash Holo Orange
Bauer Power Rattle
Big fly fiber in Orange and Blends Golden Olive


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7 Responses to DeliveryMan Articulated – Andreas Andersson

  1. Ethan Shetler

    Fantastic looking and swimming fly! I would love to try this out on my first Pike fishing trip to Wisconsin during Mid-June. I have been fly fishing for the past 15 years and am venturing into the realm of larger game fish and cannot wait to feel the first strike.

    By the way, the video quality and detail was great!

    • Paul Beel

      Yes, I thought so too!


      • I have been playing with this pattern for awhile, the thing is, we dont fish with this size around Western Canada often so I have tweaked it to be a little smaller profile and using marabou as well…
        Love TIETV as well!

  2. sergej klocko

    Can I order three flies?
    Shipping to Lithuania