Drunk & Disorderly Streamer (D&D Shad Rap) by Tommy Lynch

This was just released by Schultz Outfitters!

The ORIGINAL Bar Flies – Tommy Lynch, Drunk & Disorderly (D&D) StreamerCalling all streamer freaks! Tommy Lynch’s Drunk & Disorderly has taken huge Brown Trout and fly tiers by storm. The D&D’s unique “Chuck, Jive, and Roll” means it’s in constant motion and it’s lack of weight puts the fisherman in control. End result? A fly that’s irresistible to bruiser Browns. Learn to tie the Drunk and Disorderly from the master himself, Tommy Lynch, aka The Fish Whisperer.

In this video Tommy covers the “shad rap” version of the Drunk & Disorderly, however the fundamental design principals and materials are the same for the D&D (double) and Triple-D. Material list for the Shad Rap included in the video. If you’d like instructions for the double or triple, just ask the shop.

Looking for hard to find materials to tie Tommy’s D&D? Give Schultz Outfitters a call (734-544-1761). If you’re ever in the Ypsilanti, MI area be sure to stop by and check out our original Bar Flies tying event. Always the first. Still the best. If you can’t make it, be on the lookout for more tying videos shortly.


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6 Responses to Drunk & Disorderly Streamer (D&D Shad Rap) by Tommy Lynch

  1. Jon Goeke

    Bad ass site. Will be following close. Just really getting into streamers this year. No dries, nimphs, or wets for a year. cant wait to tackle a double and triple d

    • Paul Beel

      Thanks Jon! Streamers are a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me know you like the site.


      • Jon Goeke

        so do I go to you, or Shultz outfitters for material. I really want to start tying these flys and want to suport the folks who put it out for the rest of us and purchase all the materials. What weight rod are they using to throw thes big flys??

        • Paul Beel


          Not me, I only sell the flies I tie, not materials. I would give Schultz Outfitters a call.
          I throw streamers with a 7 weight rod. But if you are fishing for musky, then you might want to go a little more than that.
          I hope that helps.


  2. Joel Dean

    If you’d like instructions for the double or triple, just ask the shop.

    Could you send me the instructions for the double and triple D & D?