El Tigere tutorial by Ian Bohon

List of Materials Needed

Dai-Riki #700 size 2 or any 4x long streamer hook
UTC 140 Thread Burnt Orange
¼ Dumbell eyes
¼ Clear Cure Eyes Peacock
Clear Cure Goo Hydro / curing light
Orvis New Age Holo Flash Amber Stone
White Marabou
Hareline UV Ice Dub Orange
Hareline Magnum Rabbit Strip Barred Orange over White
White Rubber Legs
White Schlappen
EP 1” Tarantula Fiber Brush Tequila Sunrise

Take your new buddy for a swim and rip a few lips. Until next time kiddies if the ladies don’t find you handsome at least they can find you handy, lol keep your stick on the ice! Honey, I’ll be home after I help Frank jump start the Taco Wagon….

This was my first tutorial so any advice or criticism will gladly be taken with a smile. I hope you all enjoy this pattern and may it fish for you just as well… Tight lines everyone!

Ian Bohon
Big Daddy Bone

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