Fly tying lights – ProLite

Back in November I wrote a post about ProLite fly tying lights and below is a quality video just released by Alert Stamping.


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  1. Jon Goeke

    Got mine Dec 27 2013.
    Had a small problem and had to take it back to place of purchase. Seems that there was a loose wire behind the conector plug on the base. It worked for about 3 weeks before quitting and then quit on friday night so had to wait till monday to take it back. Got it back the next day working perfect. Worst problem was getting addicted to it in the few week using it before having to take it back. This light is so awesome that addiction is guaranteed, so thanks to my local distributor I didn’t have to suffer long. Highly recomend the 100, as that is what I have, but sure the 200 is just as effective. I am 57 and the magnifier is a life saver.