FrankenFly t-shirts are ordered!


If you sent me a message or commented when I asked if anyone was interested in t-shirts, then you will be happy to know they are ordered and I’m just waiting for the company to print them and send them to me. It looks like it will be about two weeks. If you didn’t get a chance to tell me you wanted one, I did order some extras. I will put them up on the FrankenFly online store when I receive the order and see what I have left. Thank you to all who have ordered! I really appreciate your support!



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7 Responses to FrankenFly t-shirts are ordered!

  1. Joe de Laronde

    WOOOoooo, great news. Can’t wait to hear they have arrived…and that I will be one of the first to proudly wear one…maybe THE first in Canada(?).



  2. Joe de Laronde

    THEN, I am even more stoked! Love being the first at anything.


    • Paul Beel

      Hah, thanks Joe! I just heard from my shirt guy. Looks like they are shipping to me either Thursday or Friday.


  3. Brian tumlinson

    Can’t wait…. I’ll be the coolest dude at the vise

  4. Gary

    do you have a timetable please for when the shirts will be available?

    • Paul Beel

      Hi Gary,

      My tshirt guy has shipped them to me. I’m just waiting to receive them and I will contact you as soon as I do. I’m hoping any day now.

      Thank you!