Gary Krebs’ Popper Jigs

A few years ago Gary Krebs produced some Popper Jig instructional videos. These videos explained how to use the Popper Jig Sets made by River Road Creations. If you want to tie some foam poppers, you should definitely watch these. I have posted the first two here from back in 2012. They explain the jig sets and how to cut the foam.

What reminded me of these videos was the new video that Gary has produced about a fly called The Poppin’ Minnow. You can head over to Pilecast to check that one out.

In this video I will describe the two jig sets currently available, the features of the sets. The Gary Krebs’ Jig Sets and foam rods can be found at

In this video I will show you how to use the jigs to cut foam cylinders and make consistent popper heads every time.

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