Griz’s “Shake & Bake” Hex Emerger


Hook: Size 8 or 10 Natural Curved Hook (TMC 200R, Dai Riki 270)
Thread: 6/0 or 140 Denier Lt. Yellow
Tail: 3 Ostrich Herl Tips – Natural (pulled up as Shell Back)
Rib: Hot Yellow Fine or Medium
Abdomen: Lt. Yellow Dubbing
Wing Case: 1mm or 2mm White Closed Cell Foam
Thorax:  Lt. Yellow Dubbing
Legs: Pumpkin Colored Legs
Eyes: Medium Black Mono

Tying Tips:

  • You can add weight to the back part of the hook to help aid it to have the bend of the hook ride more vertical
  • If you use glitter white foam for the wing case, you may want to coat it with a light coat of Sally Hanson’s Clear.

This fly was in the works for a very long time. I wanted something different for the famed Hex Hatch on the Huron River and this fly does exactly that. While everyone is using the dries this fly as an emerger gets those Smallies attention.


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