Hank Patterson’s Nipper Product Review

The best review ever of the Orvis made-in-USA Nippers. That Hank Patterson–what a guy!


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8 Responses to Hank Patterson’s Nipper Product Review

  1. Doug Stout

    Funny! I had the same thing happen when I joined North American Angler’s Club. They tell you about the product testing you get to do, and keep the product. Of course the examples are electronics, rods and reels and such. I got a depth checker. What’s a depth checker? A ball bearing with a plastic clip on the end to attach to your hook, drop too the bottom of water and booya, that’s how deep it is.. LOL.

  2. Doug Stout

    There’s a sucker born every minute! That was my day of birth..LOL

  3. Doug Stout

    Hey! I don’t know why he’s complaining. I just checked and those nippers cost $80 bucks. All I got was a .99 fancy sinker.

  4. Joe Gaspar

    now that is funny !! makes me want to go buy a set of nippers. but for 80 bucks, I’ll just keep using my 99ยข finger nail clippers w/ a file. I did put a bright orange paracord to make it look custom