Kelly Galloup’s Boogie Man now has legs! A killer big fish articulated fly for Trout, Pike, Steelhead and Salmon with a salt water application as well. The Hobgoblin is a new fly from Tim Leech and has that touch of magic that come with all his tyings. that will pull the larger fish. Learn now to tie this goto fly for those days when you need something a little bit special.

Simple to follow instructions that will allow you to articulate any fishing fly.

Oh I was drinking King Goblin from Wychwood, Brewed only on a Full Lunar Moon !


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2 Responses to Hobgoblin

  1. Joe de Laronde

    THAT was an awesome tie…though I almost need to have a smoke after watching it…HAH! I am thinking…Pike? Also, while you ‘showed’ the materials you used, the speed they went by in the vid…was hard for my old eyes to see. Could you post the recipe?

    Great tie!