How to Tie The Composite Shrimp – OPST

From OPST:
Here’s a quick video that shows how to tie Ben Paull’s Composite Shrimp. This is a fun and pretty simple pattern, with the hardest part being the compact composite loop and the mono rib that goes through it. Try it out in multiple color combinations for crayfish, shrimp and crabs.

Hook: size 6 bonefish
Thread: 140 denier veevus
Weight: double pupil lead eyes, X-Small, white
Butt: UV black barred life flex wrap, fl. orange
Eyes: epoxy mono crab eyes, shrimp pink, transparent black pupil
Legs: Chicone’s barred crusher legs, brown/clear
Composite loop: UV tan and UV light gray ice dub, and lady amherst
Rib: 12 pound mono
Shellback: white packing foam

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