How to Use Rhea When Tying Streamers – April Vokey

This video explains how to use rhea when tying streamers used for a variety of species in either fresh or saltwater.

*Please note – this video is not intended to show how to tie one specific pattern, rather it is to demonstrate several different applications and how/why they’re done.

We recommend using rhea in flies of all sizes, and encourage anglers to use them in patterns that use heron, marabou, faux hair, ostrich, and anything else that is used for length/movement. While rhea is famed for its length, remember that small, short and sparse flies can sometimes be even more appealing to fish, and so we encourage anglers to try using rhea in smaller, more traditional patterns as well.

Our rhea ranges between $8-$9 CDN, and we guarantee our feather quality, length/size, and low prices.

We do all of our dying in-house and specially source our materials direct from farmers in South America where sustainable efforts are practiced.

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