Jock Scott – tied by Rick Whorwood

Rick is getting ready for his opener, dry fly fishing on the lower Grand in Ontario. Check out Rick Whorwood’s Fly Fishing and Fly Casting School website for more. Rick made time to send me this beautiful Jock Scott salmon fly.

This may be the most famous Salmon Fly ever created, it was designed in 1854 by Jock Scott, Fisherman to Lord John Scott of Kirkbank on the river Tweed. A proven pattern on British and Scottish waters, it is a timeless design that is now used to fished for salmon and steelhead in waters all over the world.


Tag: fine oval silver tinsel and yellow floss.
Tail: golden pheasant crest and indian crow.
Butt: black ostrich herl.
Body: rear half, golden yellow floss veiled with toucan feathers and butt of black ostrich herl; front half, black floss.
Ribbing: fine oval silver tinsel over rear half, wider round and flat silver tinsel over front half.
Hackle: black, palmered over black floss.
Throat: speckled guinea fowl.
Underwing: two strips of white-tipped turkey tail.
Wing: married strands of kori bustard; yellow turkey, red macaw and blue turkey; florican bustard and golden pheasant tail.
Shoulder: woodduck and teal strips.
Sides: jungle cock.
Cheeks: cotinga.
Topping: peacock sword and golden pheasant crest.
Horns: blue and yellow macaw.
Head: herl collar and black tying thread.

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