Korn’s Spent Wing Spruce Moth – Doug Korn

Doug shows us how to tie his Spent Wing Spruce Moth. I think it’s an interesting fly and I especially like the way the head is formed and the extra durability is added to the wings.

Hook: Dai-Riki #305 14
Thread: Serafil 200 tan or Uni 6/0-8/0
Rib: tag end of thread
Abdomen: DK #14 Spruce Moth dubbing or light tan
Palmered hackle: honey or light ginger rooster, palmered front to back, trapped with tag end thread ribbed to eye, clipped short on top and bottom.
Wing: 2 Salmon Favorelle hen chicken flank feathers (very light ginger), or buff pheasant feathers, tied in flat one on top of the other, 1 gap length longer than hook, tied behind eye then folded over to form head and whip finished. Varnish the head and 1/3 of the wing.



I have a couple of other posts on FrankenFly featuring Doug that you should check out. He did a step-by-step of one of my favorite flies, Korn’s Green Lantern. Plus a very cool technique involving wire heads.


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