Minch’s Bead, Hare, and Copper Nymph

The Bead, Hare, and Copper is a modification of a New Zealand-style nymph by Gardiner, MT tier Matt Minch. It has proven extremely effective in the Yellowstone area and elsewhere, both for resident trout and other species as diverse as carp and steelhead. It is a good “changeup” for a Hare’s Ear, since it resembles the more well-known fly without looking exactly like it, and so can interest fish that have seen too many Hare’s Ears. This fly is included in our forthcoming pattern book for the Yellowstone region. Full recipe at www.parksflyshop.com


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3 Responses to Minch’s Bead, Hare, and Copper Nymph

  1. I think it’s a good idea to have some flies like these in case the fish doesn’t like your other offering. Thanks Paul.

  2. Justin Aldrich

    Very great looking productive fly. I love the “impressionistic” flys and there about all I tie. This is exactly the sort of thing that belongs in my fly box. Simple, quick to tie. Thanks for sharing.