Mini – Death Grip – Gunnar Brammer

From Gunnar:
“The Mini – Death Grip is a bite sized articulated streamer perfect for matching immature or smaller forage such as fat heads, chubs, and sculpins. The small size of the fly is ideal for smaller watersheds, creeks, and low and clear conditions and is able to be thrown effectively on a 5 wt rod. The fly is designed to be nearly weightless, and is intended for sink tip and full sinking lines, however you can simply swap the Large Bead Chain eyes for Small Lead eyes to modify for Floating lines.”

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Link to my Composite Bugger Brush:

Materials List:

Thread: Veevus 140 Power Thread
Rear Hook: #4 Ahrex TP610 Trout Predator
Tail: Marabou, Mirage Accent Flash
Body: Composite Bugger Brush
Articulation: 49 strand 0.024 dia. Nylon Coated Stainless Steel wire, 1x 6mm 3D Bead
Front Hook: #4 Ahrex NS115 Nordic Salt Deep Streamer Hook
Body: Composite Bugger Brush
Head: Hedron’s Strung Fuzzy Fiber
Eyes: Senyodelic Large Bead Chain
Marker: ChartPak

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