Tie TV – Magic Ripple Minnow – Daniel Bergman

In this episode of Tie Tv Daniel Bergman from Fly Dressing will show you how to tie a Magic Minnow. This is the fly that he and Steffan Jensen mainly used when they won Perch PRO 2017.

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Green Sparkle Stimulator – Son Tao

If you are a regular reader of FrankenFly, you might remember that I highlighted Son and his fly tying in a fairly recent post. If you haven’t read it or looked at some of Son’s flies, you should.
So, just recently, Son started his own YouTube channel, so this fly tying video is Son showing how he ties a Stimulator dry fly. Enjoy!

Materials list:
Tail: moose body hair
Body: Green Uni floss
Rib: small gold UTC wire
Body Hackle: Whiting Farms Ginger
Wing: Deer hair
Underwing: midge crystal flash
Thorax: green superfine
Hackles: Whiting Farms brown and grizzly
Hook: Tiemco 2312

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North 40 Fly Shop Emag – August 2017

In the latest issue of the North 40 Fly Shop eMag, we’re excited to announce a recap from our Trout Spey Clave 2.0 with Tom Larimer, Paula Schearer and Klaus Frimor. In addition to that, we went out in search of coastal cutts and bulls in British Columbia. There’s an article in the latest issue about that, a trailer we made for the short film, plus an exploration of Manitoba and the Deschutes in summer.

Check it out here!

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The Beard Chronicles – Gear Review – Douglas Sky 490-4

I enjoyed watching Marc Crapo and The Beard Chronicles this morning, so I thought you guys would too. Check it out!

From Marc Crapo:
“You only need enough information to decide whether or not you want to cast this rod. It’s a “fast” action stick with tons of backbone and heaps of soul. For more info visit: http://douglasoutdoors.com/

If you have a suggestion or a question or you want to throat punch me don’t hesitate to leave a comment or hunt me down on FB or Instagram @vonbeardly (don’t worry, sometimes I want to throat punch myself. So you’re in good company) ;-)”

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Slab Crappie Stimulator – Arkansas Fishing Adventures

From Arkansas Fishing Adventures:
“This is a video of how to tie a Slab Crappie Stimulator. This fly is an imitation of small baitfish. Many color variations are possible to match your local crappie favorite colors.”

Materials list:
Hook: Size 2 Aberdeen Hook
Thread: Danville’s 70 Denier – Black
Body: Flat Diamond Braid (Pearl)
Mallard Flank (Chartreuse, Orange, Bronze)
Eye: Holographic Eyes Yellow

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Flies Around the Net – July 2017

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Polly Rosborough’s Polly’s Pride – Piscator Flies

From Darren at Piscator Flies:
“Ernest Herbert Rosborough or better known as Polly is best known for his series of Fuzzy Nymph fly patterns and his self published book “Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs”. He is also the architect behind some 60 or so fly patterns that include streamers, bucktails, dries, wets as well as those famous nymphs. The Polly’s Pride is considered his trademark pattern.

Polly was given the nickname by co-workers who said he talked a lot like “Polly the Parrot”. It stuck. Polly worked as both a commercial fly tyer and a trapper and partnered with fly angler Dick Winter for a while producing flies. He authored a few books including the most known, Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs which has been reprinted several times.

In his later years, Polly lived alone along the Williamson river in Chiloquin, OR. He tied flies for collectors and for the tackle shop he lived nearby.”

Polly’s Pride fly pattern recipe:
Hook: Streamer hook Mustad L87 #4
Thread: 6/0 black
Tail: Red hackle fibers (hen or rooster)
Rib: #14 Silver flat mylar tinsel
Body: Fl. Red Laser Dub (lamb’s wool )
Collar: Red rooster hackle
Wing: White marabou
Topping: 6 black ostrich herls
Eyes: White with black pupil

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This is Fly – Issue 63

The latest issue of This is Fly magazine is out!

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Skwala Stone Dry Fly – Ben Byng

Ben Byng ties his Skwala Stone Dry fly pattern. This looks like a nice stone pattern and a fun tie. Give it a try!

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Casual Dress

Tim Flagler give us detailed instructions for tying Polly Rosborough’s Casual Dress Nymph.

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