Mic Drop – Gunnar Brammer

From Gunnar:
“I give a step by step instruction on tying my Mic Drop, which is a mutli-articulated streamer featuring a Magic Head paddle tail for targeting species such as Brown Trout and Smallmouth Bass. The fly is ideal for wade fisherman and excels in high/dirty water conditions both with swing and active presentations. The fly is designed to be worked with a floating line set up, recommended 7 wt and up, though a 6 wt can handle it, just watch your tip!

For fly order, head to my website at http://www.streamersbygunnar.com

Materials List:

Rear Hook: Ahrex, #4 Light Stinger
Tail Flash: Ripple Ice Fiber
Wing: Marabou
Wing: Marbou
Head: Mark Petitjean Magic Head, size 3 for hooks #4 to 2/0

Shank: 20 mm FlymenFishingCo Fishspine
Body: Ice Dub

Shank: 20mm FlymenFishingCo Articulated Shank
Body: UV Polar Chenille
Collar: Chinese Saddle Hackle/Schlappen

Connection: 49 strand, 0.024″ Beadalon Nylon Coated Stainless Steel with 1 3D bead – approx. 6mm dia.

Front Hook: Ahrex 1/0 Trout Predator
Weight: Sz. Large, Tungsten Cone Head
Body: V Stacked Ripple Ice Fiber
Collar: 3″ EP Foxy Brush
Wing: Arctic Fox Tail Hair
Pec Fins: Hen Grizzly Saddle
Head: Laser Dub
Eyes: 5/16″ or 8mm Hedron Flashabou Mirage Dome Eyes
Head: Deer Creek UV Diamond Fine Flex

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Green and Gold – Niklaus Bauer

From Tie TV:
“In this episode of Tie TV Niklaus Bauer will show us how to tie a pike fly with classic colours with a modern touch on it, ready to use with a dragon and wiggle tail. He will take you through a lot of segments and different techniques that can be useful when tying flies. He will guide you to become a professional fly tier when it comes to pike flies.”

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This is Fly Magazine – Issue 64

The new issue of This is Fly magazine is live!

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October Caddis Skater

Tim Flagler ties up an October Caddis Skater, just in time for October!

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Clark Fork Shop Vac

From the Kingfisher Fly Shop:
“The Clark Fork Shop Vac is a pike fly that has been effective for us around the Missoula, Montana area.”

Materials list:

Hook: 4/0
Eyes: White Lead Eyes
Tail: White Bucktail
Feather: Tan Saddle Hackle
Body: Bucktail
Side feathers: Grizzly Soft Hackle
Head: White & Tan Craft Fur
Flash: Speckled Copper Flashabou

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New Ride

Hello FrankenFly readers! I haven’t checked in and made a post about what’s happening in my fly fishing world for quite some time, so I figured I would throw something up.

I was finally able to pickup the boat for me recently and I couldn’t be happier. I have tried bass boats, canoes, and smaller kayaks, but haven’t been that happy. I enjoy drift boats, but they don’t fit the fishing in my area. So I’ve been into fly fishing from a kayak for two seasons now and love it! I just enjoy paddling my kayak, even if I’m not catching fish, so that’s huge. I recently sold my Perception Sound 10.5 that I have enjoyed and picked up a Jackson Kayak Kilroy. It is a longer boat with more stability and some advanced features, like a terrific seat and gear tracks for mounts. I took her out on a maiden voyage this past weekend and she paddles smooth and tracks very well. I was even able to stand up in the kayak, something I do not normally do. But with this boat, it’s easy.

Coming in at 12 feet 4 inches, it’s a couple of feet longer than my Perception and I love the added room. One thing I have debated on was removing the black pod that rides on top in front of the kayak. It is easily removable, but I wanted to try it first on the water. Now that I have, I think I am going to take it off to enjoy even more room in the front of the boat. This is a sit inside kayak, that reminds me a lot of a canoe, but with a lot more stability. I mean a lot more! The seat can be adjusted to a low or high position. I mainly keep it in the high position for better casting while sitting. That way you don’t hit the water on your backcast.

If you want a boat to get out on the water, I definitely recommend kayaks. You can get them at a reasonable cost and with no motor to deal with, it’s a no fuss way to get you out there.

Besides the new kayak, I’ve had a wonderful season of fishing. I caught some awesome fish while on vacation in Michigan this summer. I fished my local smallmouth river much more this season to learn more about the fishery. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on tying and fishing for bluegill and doing some Bucket Mouth League style of fishing.

I have two events coming up soon if you want to check them out. October 7th, I’ll be at J.L. Waters Adventure Outfitters in Bloomington, Indiana from 10am to 2pm tying flies. You are welcome to come in and watch or bring your vise and sit and tie with me. On October 19th, I’ll be in Fort Wayne, Indiana giving a bluegill presentation to the Three River Fly Fishers club. The meeting starts at 7pm. If you are interested in going, contact the Three Rivers Fly Fishers.

I hope all of you had a great fishing season as well. It’s not over yet, so get out there and fish! Thank you all for reading FrankenFly, I really appreciate it!

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Flash Tag Caddis Pupa – Justin Aldrich

Justin Aldrich is just beginning to make fly tying videos and here is one of his first. I’ve been noticing his tying skills for awhile now, so check it out!

From Justin:
“This easy to tie Caddis Pupa is a great “Guide’s Choice” Caddis is terms of being able to represent the Pupa, the Emerger on the swing, and in some hotter colors it works really well as an Attractor pattern…. even tied with the natural colors it’s got a great Flash Tag triggering characteristic. Fish it dead drift, Euro Nymphed and/or High sticked, or down and across on the swing for some real excitement.”

Materials list:

•Hook: Scud/Pupa. #14
•Bead: Tungsten or Brass. Gold 7/64″ (Size to fit hook.)
•Thread: Veevus 8/0. Chartreuse.
•Thorax: Black Hares Ear Plus & Black Peacock Ice Dub. (60%/40% mixture)
•Wing: Mallard flank fibers.
•Body/Abdomen: Olive Hare’s Ear Dub.
•Ribbing: UTC Sm. Gold Oval tinsel
•Flash Tag: Sm. Pearlesent Flashabou.

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Rich Strolis’s Juggernaut

This is the latest from Brian Wise of Fly Fishing the Ozarks.

From Brian:

Rear Hook – SP11-3L3H #1
Tail – Marabou
Body – EP Sparkle Brush (OK, I couldn’t track them down for the LIFE OF ME, so I used Polar Chenille)
Wing – Arctic Fox Tail

Front Hook – Gamakatsu B10s 1/0
Arctic Fox Tail UV Polar Chenille
Wing – Arctic Fox Tail
Collar – Laser Dub
Wing – Shimmer Fringe
Head – Flymen Fish Skull

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Bluegill Belly Bean – Now available!

Bluegill Belly Bean

My new bluegill jig, I named the Bluegill Belly Bean, is now available in the FrankenFly online store.

Bluegills will often hit just about anything when it is spring time and they are on their beds. They are tenacious when guarding their beds and will strike at anything in their territory. But if they are not bedding, things change, especially in late summer.

I designed the Bluegill Belly Bean for late summer time when the bluegill are no longer on their beds and usually stay deep in the water. You can get the Bluegill Belly Bean down to find them and get their attention. Cast it out and countdown and let it sink. How long to count down depends on how deep the body of water is you are fishing or where the bluegill are holding. But I would say 10 or 15 seconds is a good start. Sometimes you might be able to just give it a twitch and the bluegill will take it. Other times you might just have to leave it sitting still or you may have to strip it and get it moving before they will strike. You just have to try different tactics to see what they like on that particular day. Normally they are not as easy to catch when they are not guarding their beds.

Even if you want to use this as a small swimjig for bass, this will do the trick. Bass like the movement of this little fly and will readily take it.

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Baby Gonga – Charlie Craven

Below is from Charlie, haha.
“I can’t take all the credit for the Baby Gonga. It was in fact given to me by an Angel who visited me in my sleep. The Angel told me that the streamer was a gift from God herself. The Angel went on to say that I am the chosen one who is tasked to share it with the world. Behold the Baby Gonga here in all its holy glory.”

Materials list:

HOOKS: TMC 5262 #8

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