Panfish Pez – Todd Schotts

This is one of the cool bugs I saw Todd Schotts of Grizzly Flies tying up at the recent Midwest Fly Fishing Expo. Todd says this is an excellent fly for bluegill and crappie. The Whiting Black Laced Hen Hackle is sweet looking on this fly. Todd sent home a couple with me to take photos of and he included the material list below.

Material list:
Scud hook size 8 or 10
Holographic flash for the body,
Whiting Black Laced Hen Hackle
Collar is Angora Goat.
The rubber wing is from a Chennille Catapillar from the dollar store. Pictured below.
Bead for the head

From Todd:
“I fish this with short, slow strips, and after each strip, a twitch. Sort of like a jig action. I tie these in two colors; Chartreuse and Orange.”


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4 Responses to Panfish Pez – Todd Schotts

  1. Interesting pattern. Since I love tyin’ Bluegill Bugs this will have to be given a spot on my fly tyin’ schedule.

  2. Todd Schotts

    You will enjoy this pattern. Just one quick note, make sure you trim the rubber wing material in about 3/4 or 1/2. If not the panfish will have with it.

  3. Tim

    I’ve always had better luck with a light lead wrap in my blue gill flies, fished under a spider/popper.. that slow sink always worked better than a bead, but i bet when they are a little deeper this beauty does the trick, nice looking bug Todd!