Pink Matuka Spey – Ken Chandler


This one is brought to us by guide Ken Chandler in Ontario, Canada with Ken Chandler Fly Fishing Adventures. The Pink Matuka spey can be a tricky fly to tie the first time, so be patient and take your time. It can be tied in smaller sizes,the 3/0 is the size I fish with the two hander and a heavy tip. It’s a long materials list, but I’ve taken 10 years to perfect this fly. In various colors (black, purple, white and olive) this fly produces on every river I fish.
Hook  –  Partridge CS10/1 (3/0)
Thread  –   6/0 Uni Thread (pink or red)
Tag  –   Flat Mylar #12 (silver)
Rib  –   Medium Oval Tinsel X-Strong (gold)
Body  –   Micro Chenille (white)
Wing  –   Magnum Rabbit Strip (pink)
Collar  –  Large Cactus Chenille (pink)
First Hackle  –   Saddle Hackle (pink)
Second Hackle  –   Burnt Spey (white) -soaked in hot water
Over-Hackle  –   Mallard Flank (pink)

Ken has the full step-by-step on the Pink Matuka Spey his website.

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