Red Devil Streamer

Pattern by Carrie Stevens

Tied by Mike Boyer


To read more about Mike head over to his website:

Mike’s flies are for sale here. There are some beautiful flies to see on this site from Mike and others.


Hook: Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek size 1 8xl or similar streamer hook
Thread: UTC 70 denier white and UTC 140 denier white
Tail: red dyed Goose or Duck
Body: red silk floss
Ribs: flat silver tinsel (metal)
Belly: white Bucktail
Throat: red schlappen hackle
Wing: red over blue hackles
Shoulders: barred Wood Duck
Cheeks: Jungle Cock

1. With the hook in the vise, start your thread near the eye, leaving space for the head. Wind thread back towards the tail, keeping the thread flat by counter spinning the bobbin every 10-15 wraps. It’s important to keep flat wraps for the silk body. When you reach the tail area, tie in matching (left and right) slips of red dyed Goose. Secure with four wraps of thread, then trim the butts closely. Add one or two wraps to cover the butts, then wind the thread back towards the head with the same flat wraps. You should burnish the thread body now. The best burnishers are polished Agate stones. I use a stainless steel dental instrument. A polished dowel or perhaps a polished back of a spoon might work. The idea is to keep the layers of thread flat.

Red Devil Step 1

2. Change thread to UTC 140 to build up a tapered body. This will take about four layers of thread, making sure the bobbin is counter spun as before. The first two layers of 140 denier will stop short of the bump of the tail butts, so that the bump is compensated for. The next layer will cover the tail butts. Wind back to the head area and start a taper by winding down about three quarters of the body, flattening and spreading the fibers, and reversing the thread back towards the head. Do this a couple of times, making each turnaround shorter. This should create a nice taper. Remember to burnish throughout. Change over to the 70 denier thread, and wind back to the tail area. Tie in a length of flat silver tinsel, and the red silk floss. I load my floss on used spools and load into the bobbin holder, for ease of handling the single strand silk floss. Again wind the thread back towards the head, using close, flat wraps. One more burnish.

Red Devil Step 2

3. Using tight, flat wraps, carefully wind on the silk floss. Tie off, burnish, then wind on the flat silver tinsel and tie off and trim butts. Start coloring the white thread with a black marker, or switch to black thread.

Red Devil Step 3

4. Tie in a small bunch of white Bucktail. It doesn’t hurt to stack the hair a bit, and remove any wild hairs. Trim the butts, then advance the thread to exactly beneath where you want to set the wings. This way, when you tie in the red schlappen throat, it will be on the same vertical plane as the wings.

Red Devil Step 4

5. Select two blue, and two red hackles for the wings. I prefer saddle hackles, but some neck hackles would work. Measure to length, pull the fibers back, and trim them. Smash the stems together crossways with flat pliers. Tie the wing on and adjust until you get the look you want. Carrie Stevens tied in her hackle wings much lower, even covering the body. I prefer a higher wing set. Trim the wing butts.

Red Devil Step 5

6. Select and tie in left and right Wood Duck, then matching Jungle Cock feathers. With a well waxed thread, form a neat head. I use three or four coats of Sally Hansens clear for a nice finish.

Red Devil Step 6

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