Red Headed Stepchild

I’ve had Hogan Brown on FrankenFly before and I’m a fan. So when I noticed Big R Fly Shop did a video on his Red Headed Stepchild, I wanted to post it right away. Hogan’s website is here:

Hogan Brown designed the Red Headed Stepchild to take the place of two general attractor nymphs; the Red Copper John and Red Headed Prince. The Red Headed Stepchild employs proven fish attracting elements like the color red and a flash back. Most important to the success of this fly is its accurate silhouette of a mayfly or small stonefly. He fishes this fly as a dropper behind bigger stoneflies or caddis pupae. The Stepchild has also worked well for steelhead when dropped off an egg pattern. He has had consistent success on rivers where fish get a lot of pressure from Pheasant Tail Flash Back, Red Copper Johns, and Red Head Princes. The Stepchild will perform in just about any fishing conditions, but it shines most at times where fish are not keyed on a specific hatch and are in an opportunistic feeding mode.

Hogan Brown – Stepchild Designer (from Idylwilde website)

• Dai-Riki #070 – Size 16
• 1/16″ MFC Lucent Bead – Tungsten Red
• Ringneck Pheasant Center Tails – Natural
• UTC Ultra Thread 70 – Brown
• UTC Small Ultra Wire – Red
• UTC Medium Tinsel – Pearl
• Grizzly Krystal Flash – Black/Red


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4 Responses to Red Headed Stepchild

  1. Justin

    All the Fly tying videos are way too fast streamed and no where near discriptive enough. There’s music playing and your guys holding up the products being used for the obvious reason of trying to tell viewers what he’s using. Except the problem is there’s music playing like I said, and there held too far back for anyone to read em. I understand that not everyone are as intermediate as myself, and the music is a real “cool” touch, but the main reason for any instructional videos are for teaching purposes, not to look cool doing it. Sorry for the diss, but I can’t believe I’m the only one who has said something similar or at least thought the same thing too.
    – Justin

    • Paul Beel

      No, you are not the only one. You’re right, that seems to be the trend right now. I’ll search for more that have better instructions and see what I can come up with in the future. I think there is room for both.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. Justin

    Thanks Paul, this site rocks and I hate leaving it to find another matching YouTube video on something similar. And usually the videos I find of the same fly are no where near as good looking as y’all’s. Again, sorry for the negativity, and I appreciate your positive feedback. I’m definitely a FrankenFly fan all the way!!!
    – Justin