Stimulator by Ruben Martin

Randall Kaufmann is one of the most viewed fly tiers in the history of fly fishing twines, he and others have been an inspiration in my work when the focus has been tied apply depending on fishing. Million fishers in the world owe Randall two creations that have brought us countless sacks, one is his imitation of nymph fly stones called Kaufmann Stone to what I consider the epitome of fly fishing, where realism and impressionism have a great balance and are achieved with techniques tied accessible for all tiers. His other great creation is the universal Stimulator.

I remember reading a text by Kaufmann in which he emphasized his intention to create a multi-mimicking fly as he sat in the morza to tie what would be a stimulator, and fence that achievement. Today the Stimulator is the epitome of what a “attractor” and yet is also a fly that can be attached as grasshoppers impersonator, Stone adult caddis fly and adults among others.

If we are to trout fishing to some unknown place and we have no idea who eat … an assortment of Stimulators is priority.

Hook: Daiichi 1270, TMC 200R , size reference #14 to #4
Thread: UNI 8/0, UTC 70, Danville 6/0
Tail: natural elk hair
Rib: fine gold oval tinsel
Body: yellow sintetic dubbing
Body hackle: grizzly whiting dry saddle
Wing: natural elk hair
Thorax: orange sintetic dubbing, Lite Brite is very effective!
Thorax hackle: brown Whiting dry saddle

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