The Fly Tying of Fred Klein

Grizzly King Bucktail Streamer

My name is Fred Klein, I am from Pennsylvania and started tying flies over 40 years ago with my mother’s wooden clothes pin and sketches from library books.

My family moved to an old farmhouse in the woods with a spring stream and cold pond full of brook trout. My first fly rod was a gift when I was ten years old over 40 years ago. What a gift that was! I started tying flies using a wooden clothes pin as a vice from library book sketches. We had several trout streams near home including the Schuylkill River (Dutch for Hidden River) as well as the Appalachian Mountains.

Being drawn to the wilderness I have pursued wild brown and brook trout with the fly. The beauty and artistry of the old flies as well as fishing with very old fly rods has been my passion.

Tying flies from painted plates from classic books such as Mary Orvis Marbury’s Favorite Flies’1892, and Ray Bergman’s Trout ‘1938 has been a captivating artistic endeavor bringing the beautiful, colorful flies from the golden days of fly fishing alive.

These old patterns are still as functional on the streams and rivers today as they were centuries ago. I have broken away from following the popular styles of today’s fly tying and fishing to pursue trout with the tools of yesterday.

If you want to see more of Fred’s flies and keep up on his latest, follow him on Instagram @haresear100

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