The “Folke fly” – Markus Hoffman

Markus has a knack for art. You can see this in the videos he records where he shows off his creative side. I like the way he makes the video and the music come together to give you a certain feeling when watching. To me, this type of fly tying video inspires me to tie!

This is a reversed parachute caddis pattern. Markus says, “As my father turned 80 I made this caddis pattern based on Roy Christies Reversed parachute flies. A simple fly to tye with a great silhouette!”


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2 Responses to The “Folke fly” – Markus Hoffman

  1. Phil

    It is nearly impossible to see what he is doing, due to the back lighting which causes silhouetting, the lack of color separation, and the very busy background.

    • Paul Beel

      Phil, that is true. That’s why I mentioned that it was more of an inspiring video. It really isn’t a video that is good for teaching, but something a little different.