The Kevin’s Stonefly™

I thought this was a good follow-up to Howell’s Trip Saver from yesterday. So you get a dynamic duo from Kevin.

Hook:  Mustad 79580 6-14
Underbody:  lead wire .015—.035
Thread:  Black 6/0 Uni Thread
Abdomen:  Peacock herl
Shell back:  Treated turkey tail
Ribbing:  32 gauge gold wire
Legs:  Brown goose biots
Hackle:  Soft webby grizzly
Thorax:  Medium cream chenille

Over the past several years, The Kevin’s Stonefly has become our number one trout producing fly here at Davidson River Outfitters.  Kevin designed this fly to meet the needs of the slightly smaller stoneflies found here in the Southeast.  This fly has become so effective that The Kevin’s Stonefly has been featured in two national magazines, and on two national television shows.  We have found this fly effective everywhere there are stoneflies, and even on Great Lakes Steelhead.

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