Treppa’s F.O.T.F (Fly of the Flats) – Ben Treppa



Hook: Daiichi 2220 Streamer Hook (4X long) size 6
Thread: UTC 70 Denier Black
Tail: Finn Raccoon Tan
Tail Flash: Cooper Krystal Flash
Legs: Barred Crazy Legs Orange/Gold Flake
Eyes: “Mono” Eyes (purchase or make with hard mono & 6/0 glass czech bead)
Body Hackle: Orange Grizzly
Dubbing: Cohen’s Carp Dub-Rusty Nail
Wing: Finn Raccoon Tan
Head: Sculpin Helmet Mini- Brown



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2 Responses to Treppa’s F.O.T.F (Fly of the Flats) – Ben Treppa

  1. CarpSnuffler

    Looks like this would work! Love the mini sculpin helmets, succulent fly pattern.

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