Two nymphs from David Hise

David Hise owns Casters Fly Shop in Hickory, North Carolina. David is also an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide. Here are a couple of nymphs he ties that just plain rock the house!


Hise Stoneclinger Nympf

Hook- Dohiku jig sz.14
Bead- Flymen Evolution bead- clinger sz. small.
Tails- Hareline barred mayfly tails.
Abdomen- Polish quills ginger, coated with Deer Creek Flex Resin. Gills- Ostrich plumes.
Thorax- 16/0 Veevus thread thorax, coated with Deer Creek Flex Resin after the legs are secured in place.
Legs- Golden pheasant tail barbs plucked from the stem

Tied on a jig hook so it “crawls” along the rocks without getting snagged up.
Deer Creek Flex Resin adds durability and a juicy appearance.


Waxy the Waxworm

Hook- TMC2499BL.
Underlegs- Japanese nymph legs (3 sets) secured in place before winding the Nymph skin.
Body- Nymph skin.
Ribbing- Mono thread .006.

Mark to your liking with waterproof markers. Coat the body with a thin layer of Deer Creek UV Flex Resin. The next step isn’t necessary but I do it because it gives the larva more plumpness and juicyness. Place a small ball of resin on the leg stumps and on top 3rd of each segment of the body.
The evolution of Waxy took place over the years as a result of my desire to create a fly that resembled a waxworm. Sure it’s not an aquatic insect but I grew tired of seeing the centerpin steelheader catching all the fish in the winter on jigs tipped with real waxworms.




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