Tying a Flymph

Ray Tucker recently filmed Bill Shuck at the latest flymph gathering in Yellowstone. In the following videos Bill shows how to use the Clark block to prepare dubbing loops and store them on a card. Bill then shows how to tie a flymph or soft hackle. These methods were made famous by Jim Leisenring and Vernon S. “Pete” Hidy who together wrote Leisenring’s book, The Art of Tying the Wet Fly in 1941. The term “Flymph” was contrived by Pete Hidy to describe the type of pattern that Jim Leisenring developed to imitate the stage between a nymph and an adult.
If you would like to know more about the Clark block, visit William Anderson’s website.

Creating a spun silk body with a Clark Dubbing Block:

Tying a Flymph:


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  1. Paul – Thanks for adding links to the videos on your website. Much appreciated!