Wedding Veil video – Brian Wise

The video guru Brian Wise of Fly Fishing the Ozarks has released a new fly tying video and has moved to a new series of flies. Brian has started tying Thomas Harvey’s flies and his first is the Wedding Veil. In case you missed it, FrankenFly has interviewed both of these fly tyers. Check out Brian Wise’s interview and Thomas Harvey’s interview for more information. Now sit back and enjoy fly tying goodness with Brian Wise!


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5 Responses to Wedding Veil video – Brian Wise

  1. Sandy fleming

    Brian I enjoyed the fly tying class held at Toad Fly shop in Feburary and wanted to check out your video on tying the wedding veil. Thank you for the instruction. Have a great day. Sandy

  2. Thanks Sandy! I had a blast with you guys at The Toad Fly.

  3. afox

    Hey man, just wondering how your streamers ride in the water when the dumbbell eyes are tied on top of the hook shank? Is it hook up or hook down when in the water. In regards to which is the top or bottom to the streamer. does it ride with the light or dark side up? just curious-Thanks

  4. Afox, this particular fly will ride with the hook point down. Weighted dumbell eyes are the only dumbells that will affect how the hook point rides. If you use lead dumbell eyes on top of the hook it will make the fly invert. If you put lead dumbell eyes on the under side of the hook it will ride hook poit down.

    Hope that helps.


    • afox

      Ok, so those clear eyes aren’t really weighted and don’t affect the ride of the hook? if so do you always fish those on a sink tip obviously. Thanks for the reply. Super tasty looking bugs! nice work man.