Wonder Wings

So ever since I saw Wonder Wing style flies for the first time I’ve wanted to try to tie them. I never felt comfortable until now. So I sat behind my Regal last night and was ready to go. By following the information on this page of FlyAnglersOnline and this page on MidCurrent, I was able to grasp the concept. Below I have posted my little Wonder Girl tied last night. The hardest part of this technique is holding the fibers down as you wrap them on the hook. You just have to make sure you have a firm grip and don’t let any of the fibers come out. Once you get a couple of wraps on them, you can then pull them up slowly to manipulate the length of the wings. I love the style, they make beautiful wings. -Paul

Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl

Hook: size 12 dry fly
Tail: moose mane
Body: Spirit River UV2 Fine & Dry – March Brown
Hackle: Dun
Wings: brown rooster – Wonder Wing style
Thread: Danville 6/0 black

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