That should leave you with two pieces of chenille dangling off the back of the hook. If you are right handed, hold the shorter piece with your left hand and using your right hand, wrap the longer piece 6 times starting at the hook and going towards the tail around the shorter piece in your left hand. Then wrap it 6 times forward.
Note: The wraps will only go back a couple of inches and not all the way to the tail.

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  1. Dale Wayne

    Awesome smallie fly! Just throw in the riffles above a pool and let it float naturally into the pool. Don’t overwork.

  2. Joe Rudyk

    I found your website a couple of years ago and found it very useful.
    I have a problem i was hoping you might help with.
    I tied the bass worm above and actually caught 3 decent size bass ranging from
    14inches to 20inches
    so i know it works.
    Problem-the chenile is coming apart at the end leaving me with bare thread.
    Its happened on 3 of my worms
    I bought chenile from cabelas and from a local fly shop and all of them have the same issues
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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