FrankenDub is the result of Paul J. Beel’s hours of research and blending of natural and synthetic materials to create several specialized versions of dubbing that will effectively enhance your flies.

Monster FrankenDub may just be the perfect streamer dubbing. Approximately 3” in length with the featured and special ingredient being Alpaca fiber, this dubbing is ideal for streamer heads, building up bodies, collars, adding tailing, etc. The natural Alpaca blends extremely well with the synthetic fibers making it very easy to work with, while the blend offers just the right amount of flash.

The quality alpaca that I use for Monster is provided by The Laughing Fly.

“It’s nice! Very consistent, the colors are really nice and saturated. The flash was thoroughly blended throughout. It feels a little more vicious than laser dub, which should give the fly a bigger kick, and would make for a better wool substitute. I would certainly use it regularly.” —Gunnar Brammer

“In short, it builds up heads quickly and trims well. Similar to laser dub but more coarse individual fibers, softer overall feel, and more translucent..” —Daniel Seaman

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Nymph FrankenDub is a highly tested and researched blend of naturals and synthetics with just the right amount of sparkle. Soft and easily dubbed on small flies. Works terrific on abdomens on large trout flies. Use it on nymphs, soft hackles, wet flies, etc. It has been well tested by many of today’s top fly tiers like Al Ritt, William Anderson, Bill Shuck, and Todd Schotts.

“It’s soft with nice length to the fibers and very subtle flash. I made a couple of bugs using the dubbing on the thread and inserted into split thread. It dubbed on the thread very easily and made fairly neat trim abdomens.” —Al Ritt

“I tied up some #14 Grannoms using the dark green Nymph FrankenDub and a woodcock soft-hackle, no rib and picked it out. They were fantastic in central PA. I passed some around and everyone caught on them. Good stuff.” —William Anderson

“The dubbing has worked great. Very buggy and it makes my Czech nymphs look really life like.” —Todd Schotts

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FrankenDub Nymph Dub Color Map

FrankenDub Nymph Dub Color Map

All Purpose FrankenDub is an all purpose synthetic dubbing that can be used for many types of flies. Use it on dry flies, nymphs, emergers, poppers or any other type of fly. Colorful and easy to dub it can be that missing link you’re looking for in your flies.

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FrankenDub All Purpose Dub Color Map

FrankenDub All Purpose Dub Color Map

A short video showing a close-up of FrankenDub Nymph Dubbing.

About the designer of FrankenDub:
Paul J. Beel is the owner and fly tier of the website and fly tying business, FrankenFly. Paul is an Orvis Fly Designer and on the Temple Fork Outfitters Pro Team, Regal Vise Pro Staff, Partridge of Redditch Pro Team, Deer Creek Pro Staff and a Flymen Fishing Company Pro. He has also written fly tying articles appearing in North 40 Fly Shop Emag and Tail Fly Fishing Magazine.