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  1. Ed Barker

    Hey do you guys sell tee shirts that’s a great logo ?

  2. dave potts

    How much would a granite base run for a Dyna-King Trekker vise?


    • Paul Beel

      Dave, I’ll forward your message on to Doug Stout and have him get back with you on this.

  3. Doug

    I love your logo how about stickers or shirts. They would be killer.

  4. Wouldn’t you know, I entered the link wrong! Gave you my email address instead of my link:

    Now you have both,
    Thanks for your trouble,
    Mel Moorel

  5. No, sorry, Paul.
    Let’s try again!

    Thanks for your time and efforts.

  6. Paul, the link does work, but, the link name needs to be changed.
    Pond Stalker
    Sorry, I am such a problem for you today!

  7. michael johnson

    How do you like that tiemco vise?? Much appreciated

    I have a few vises. Marc Petitjean and Snowbee Waldron and regal. But that tiemco looks amazing?


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