New products from Hareline Dubbin

There are a lot of new products being released from Hareline Dubbin right now. They just sent out a bunch of sample packs and the new stuff is showing up in fly shops and online fly shops. Since steelhead season is coming, Greg Senyo talks about a couple of the new items below.

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Carp Slider Craw – Bug Wild

Daniel Seaman of Bug Wild shows how to tie a Carp Slider Craw in this fly tying video.

Partridge Boilie Long Carp Hook #6
Large Bead Chain Eyes 4mm
140 Denier UTC or Danvilles thread
Pine Squirrel Zonker
Hareline Buggy Nymph Legs
SLF Dubbing
Veevus 200D Gel Spun Thread
Deer Belly Hair
Super Glue

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This is Fly – #58


The new issue of This is Fly magazine is live! Check it out!

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Redfish Ritalin – Nick Davis

Nick Davis of 239 Flies shows us how to tie the Redfish Ritalin and uses some of the same materials and ties the Marsh Critter.

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Straight Outta Carptown – Cast Mag

Jamie Priest, Ben Foster and Jono Jones stuck into the Hillbilly Bonefish on Fly!

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Mercer’s Skating October Caddis SBS – Scott Patterson

This is Mercer’s Skating October Caddis with a few minor changes to the original pattern.
Tied by Scott Patterson and photos by Scott Patterson

hook – TMC 5263 #6
thread – UTC 140 tan
rib – x-fine wire copper
underbody – Mirage Tinsel opal
body – Midge Tubing amber
body hackle – brown (undersize by 2)
thorax – Ice Dub hare’s ear
underwing – deer hair orange
overwing – Congo Hair orange
lower lip – 2mm foam tan
upper lip – 2mm foam orange
legs – small rubber orange

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CDC Claret Hopper – Davie McPhail

Hook, Fulling Mill All-Purpose Medium size 10
Thread, Uni-8/0 Wine
Rib, Uni-Mylar Pearl No.14
Body, Claret Seals Fur or Sub
Thorax, Claret Seals Fur or Sub
Legs. Knotted Pheasant Tails Fibres
Hackle, Dyed Claret CDC Feather
Wing, Roe Deer dyed Cinnamon…

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Night Dancer

Tony Torrence ties a classic steelhead fly designed by Frank Amato called the Night Dancer. Brought to you by the


Hook: TMC 7999, Size 2-8
Thread: Veevus 10/0, Black
Rib: Lagartun Flat Silver Tinsel
Body: Black Danville Floss
Hackle: Purple Hareline Chinese Strung Saddle Hackle
Wing: Black, Bear or Calftail or Bucktail

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Spruce Creek with Trout Haven – Wish4Fish

Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish teams up with Andrew Trelease from Trout Haven on Spruce Creek, PA. Ken says, “Absolutely crushed some serious big trout on this trip with my Sage ONE 6wt! My streamer “Tanaka Your Sock Off” was the best producer by far. We stayed at Hemlock Lodge right on Spruce Creek in Pennsylvania for a epic day and a half of fishing. You want to land BIG Browns, Bow and Brooks? Book your next trip with Trout Haven to Spruce Creek.”

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Flies Around the Net – August 2016

I know, I’m running a little behind on posting Flies Around the Net. I apologize, just been a little busy. Anyway, enjoy!
Thanks all!

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