Mike Schmidt Live – The So Fresh N Flat

The So Fresh N Flat…and an announcement for Thursday night

Posted by Michael Schmidt on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

If you missed the live Facebook broadcast of Mike Schmidt tying The So Fresh N Flat, here it is!
This Facebook live feature is something new fly tiers are starting to use. I will start posting more of these here on FrankenFly. Enjoy!

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Modern Nymphing Trailer – Revolutionize Your Nymphing Game – Instructional Video

DVD and Digital Download Available before Christmas!!! More info to come.

Competitive fly fishing has been a driving force in the development and progression of nymphing techniques. Over the last several decades, each country hoping to compete at the annual FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship has had to advance and perfect the skills needed to chase the dream of winning. Traditionally European anglers have been at the forefront of the development of improved nymphing techniques, thus the name European nymphing.

In this instructional video, Devin Olsen and Lance Egan share their knowledge of these modern “European” nymphing techniques. After more than 20 collective years of representing Fly Fishing Team USA, Devin and Lance have acquired the skill and knowledge to now repeatedly medal at the World Championships. Their combined resumes include team silver, team bronze, two individual bronzes, three National Championships, three America Cup titles and numerous domestic competition medals.

In this video Devin and Lance begin with foundation and theory then progress to execution of advanced nymphing techniques. These new techniques are sure to bring any angler enjoyment, success and improved nymphing ability.

Orders will be available the middle of December 2016

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Bradley Special – Ricky Bassett

Bradley Special

Bradley Special

Ricky Bassett tied up this beautiful Bradley Special. This was an old dry fly pattern tied by the Dettes of Roscoe, New York. The fly shop, Dettes Trout Flies, is still there and ran by their grandson, Joe Fox. I think the body of this fly is especially interesting.

According to the book, The Founding Flies, “In the late 1930s, William Bradley, an early member of the Beaverkill Trout Club, requested that the Dettes custom tie this fly.”

Ricky is a skilled fly tier that continues to practice the Catskill dry fly style of tying. He did a great job on this one!

Materials list:
Bradley Special Size 14
Wings: Mallard
Tail: red brown spade hackle, rooster
Body: sparse amount of red fox squirrel spun between two strands of red silk.
Hackle: Red brown rooster

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Pattegrisen (the Pink Pig)

This is my my take on Pattegrisen, probably the most popular and famous Danish saltwater fly ever. It was developed by Claus Eriksen back in 2006 – with some inspiration from Morten Oland’s Spey Shrimp. It’s a killer for sea trout. The fly is tied on an Ahrex NS150 hook. Claus was actually part of the team, that designed that hook model.

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FrankenFly coming to River Bound Fly Fishing Outfitters – Postponed


We have decided to postpone this event due to Christmas being so close. We will reschedule at a later time. Thank you!

I’ll be heading up to Rockford, Michigan on December 16th to tie some flies. Please come over to River Bound Outfitters and join me! See details below.

Paul Beel of Frankenfly will be coming to River Bound Fly Fishing Outfitters in Rockford, MI, on December 16, 2016. He will be doing tying demos of a few of his flies. Tickets will be available November 30, 2016. $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for ages 14 and under. If unable to purchase a ticket, cover charge will be accepted at the door. All are welcome to bring their own vises to tie along with Paul.


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Shaggin’ Dragon carp fly – Pat Cohen

Pat shows us in this fly tying video how to tie one of his favorite and most productive carp flies, the Shaggin’ Dragon. Pat says, “We all know that carp love dragon fly nymphs and this fly does the trick..”

Pat is tying the orange version in the video and mentions the olive version from time to time. The olive version is shown below.

Shaggin' Dragon

Shaggin’ Dragon

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Flies Around the Net – November 2016


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Critter Get’er Tutorial – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar gives step by step instructions on how to tie his Critter Get’er Flashabou fly. Gunnar says the design is heavily inspired by Niklaus Bauer and Daniel Holm, and is an extremely fishy and durable fly.

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Hairwing Brora Salmon Fly by Davie McPhail

Materials Used:

Hook Alex Jackson Spey size 1.5
Threads, Uni8/0 Pink and Black
Tag, Uni-Tinsel X-Small Oval Silver Tinsel & Uni-Floss Hot Pink
Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst or Natural
Body, First Half Lagartun X-Strong Medium Oval Silver Tinsel
Second Half Med-Flat Silver Tinsel and Small Oval Silver Tinsel
Veiling, Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst or Natural
Wing, Brown, White and Blue Bucktail
Hackle, Blue Eared Pheasant dyed Black
Eyes, Jungle Cock

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Ladies’ Winter Steelhead Fishing Retreat & Workshop


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