Stimulator Dry Fly – Don Ward

Written and produced by Tim Cammisa

During this fly tying tutorial, guest tyer Don Ward ties a favorite attractor dry fly, the Stimulator. Don, owner of Keystone Fly Rod Company, talks about his influences in building bamboo fly rods before going into detail about this pattern. Once tying, it’s obvious that Don has an understanding of this pattern, being that he offers many tips on how to tie the Stimulator more effectively.

The Stimulator is an attractor dry fly that can represent a stonefly, hopper, or even caddis. It is an effective fly that additionally encourages variations, as Don shows a few colors that he has had success with over the years. Another fun variation includes adding rubber legs.

Thanks go out to Don Ward for the tying of this pattern. Don builds beautiful bamboo fly rods and has a net system that is simply better than the others out there right now. Check out his products at:

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Flies Around the Net 9-12-2014

Marcelo Malventano - Baron

Marcelo Malventano – Baron

Ariko Miettinen - Royal Coachman

Ariko Miettinen – Royal Coachman

Tied by Matt Grajewski

Tied by Matt Grajewski

Magnus Nygre  -Articulated Golden Eye Duckling

Magnus Nygre -Articulated Golden Eye Duckling

Legless Convertible - Paul Slaney

Legless Convertible – Paul Slaney

Chris Silverthorne - Pike Deceiver

Chris Silverthorne – Pike Deceiver

William Ensiferum - Rusty Spinner

William Ensiferum – Rusty Spinner

Tyler Befus - Flash Tail Whistler

Tyler Befus – Flash Tail Whistler


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Teal and Brown Wet Fly – Jim Misiura

Another nice fly here tied by Jim Misiura. This one looks like it would be a real fish catcher. Try it out!

Material List:
Hook: Curved Shank #16 – #1/0 Weight: .010 Lead Wire
Thread: Brown Tail: Teal Flank Rib: Copper Wire
Body: Brown Dubbing Hackle: Dark Hen Cape
Wing: Teal Flank Collar: Dark Hen Saddle

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Davy Wotton Winged Wet Hare’s Ear/March Brown

A winged wet Hare’s Ear as traditional and elegant a fish catcher as you will find.

Winged wet flies date back to the early 19th Century UK, a time when the vice was considered a subversive influence, bamboo hadn’t really taken over from wood, and a light trout rod might be 12’ long. While other conventions of the time, buckled to progress, the winged wets remain.

Wet fly master and White River guide Davy Wotton demonstrates his winged wet technique on this classic pattern.

“The winged wet hares ear is one of the old traditional classics that will catch trout in any water they can be found. It’s particularly good during the caddis season and when water conditions are warm and trout are active to all manner of food sources.”

If you want more of Davy’s tying or wet fly fishing skills check out his DVDS, or book a trip (870 435 6166)

Our thanks to Davy for the demonstration Brian and Jenni Wise Fly Fishing the Ozarks for the video production


Tail: Few fibers of hen pheasant hackle or tan hen hackle. Or 3 strands of bronze mallard.
Body: Hares ear dubbing or SLF Whitlock number 1 Red Fox thorax.
Rib: Fine flat gold tinsel.
Wing: Either rooster ring neck pheasant or hen pheasant secondary wing quills.
Hackle: Hen pheasant neck or Brown partridge or tan/brown hen pheasant hackle

Video produced by Brian Wise: Fly Fishing the Ozarks
in conjunction with Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher, Cotter Arkansas.

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PMD Transition Flymph – tied by Hans Weilenmann

Material list:
Hook: Wet fly hook #16
Weight/rib: Copper wire, bright
Thread: Benecchi 12/0, tobacco
Hackle: Hungarian partridge shoulder feather, one side stripped
Tail/abdomen: Pheasant tail barbs
Thorax: Camel or rabbit, pale yellow-cream

Pattern: Allen McGee, Fly: Hans Weilenmann

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Tie Fighter – Nick Granato

Tie-FighterThis pattern was tied by Nick Granato. It has not been tested, but I think it’s worth displaying. It is a great looking streamer. Nick along with Matt Grajewski run a cool website called Fly Obsession. They are both excellent fly tyers, so keep an eye on them. See the recipe for the Tie Fighter below.

Gamakatsu Rubber Worm Hook 5/0
Black Yak hair
Chartreuse Icelandic Sheep
2 Black Saddle Hackles
Chartreuse and Black Bucktail
Peacock Herl
Chubby Dub “clump style” head or equivalent
Large Clear Cure Goo Eyes and Tack Free to finish

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Kelly Galloup’s Boogie Man now has legs! A killer big fish articulated fly for Trout, Pike, Steelhead and Salmon with a salt water application as well. The Hobgoblin is a new fly from Tim Leech and has that touch of magic that come with all his tyings. that will pull the larger fish. Learn now to tie this goto fly for those days when you need something a little bit special.

Simple to follow instructions that will allow you to articulate any fishing fly.

Oh I was drinking King Goblin from Wychwood, Brewed only on a Full Lunar Moon !


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Tutorial: Tube Fly Tying

If you have been confused about tube flies, what components are available, and where to begin, this video by Brian Flechsig and Mad River Outfitters will help you get a better idea about what is needed to get you started.

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FrankenFly update 9-4-2014

All of you FrankenFly readers have been fantastic! Thank you for continuing to make this site one of your normal stop and reads!

I’ve been very busy lately trying to keep up with tying fly orders and thinking about what I need to add to the website. Tonight I removed the Instagram feed that usually appeared on the right side. I will still be updating the FrankenFly Instagram account, but on here I have decided to just put them in a regular post including information on each fly. I have included below the flies that I’ve been playing with lately.

Speaking of flies, I will be adding more flies to the FrankenFly online store as soon as possible. New additions are the Awesome, the correct Eggie Special, Griffith’s Gnat, and Halladay’s Hairstone. I do custom orders, so if you don’t see what you want, just send me an email and ask. The contact email address is on the About page where it reads “contact me.”

Some other fly tying knowledge that I have put my mind to lately is working on tying quality flymphs. I have some silk thread ready and I just received my Clark block from William Anderson. Read more about what a Clark block is on William’s website. More to come!

In between orders, here are the flies I’ve worked on lately with a brief explanation.

Beel's Caddis

Beel’s Caddis

After I witnessed a Fall Caddis or Autumn Sedge on a lake I was fishing last year, I’ve had an idea for this pattern. I finally threw it together and this is the result. Now it needs testing.

Hook: Partridge Long Dry Fly Supreme 10-12
Body: poly yarn – yellow
Hackle: rooster – brown
Wings: Brahma Hen – brown
Under Wing: deer hair
Antennae: stripped hackle stems
Deer Creek Diamond Fine UV Resin



This is the Awesome dry fly pattern. It is mentioned in Josh Greenberg’s book, Rivers of Sand, as one of his favorite dry fly patterns. This one was tied by me (Paul J. Beel).

Hook: Partridge Dry Fly Supreme size 12
Thread: Orange, 6/0 UNI
Tail: Moose Fibers, small clump
Body: Peacock Herl
Wings: Grizzly Hen Tips, tied down over the back
Post: Poly yarn
Hackle: Grizzly, tied parachute

blackstreamerNo name for this one yet. It is a work in progress. Needed a weighted streamer to get down in some of my local lakes. If you haven’t noticed yet, black works.

Fruit Cocktail Popper

Fruit Cocktail Popper

Doug Stout sent me the custom popper body for this fly. It is in Dave Whitlock’s fruit cocktail colors. You might remember Doug from the wicked cool vises that he builds for himself. Keep in mind, he does not sell the vises he makes. Anyway, he did a great job with the popper bodies and I liked the way it turned out.

Thanks again everyone! I appreciate you reading FrankenFly!

-Paul J. Beel


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SCALE Magazine – #14 Out Now


Click image for SCALE!

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