Cinnamon Flying Ant 4K

Tim Flagler shows us how to tie a quick and extremely buoyant ant pattern.

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This is Fly magazine – issue 57


Check out the new This is Fly magazine!

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Kype Magazine – Fall 2016 Issue

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Marabou Minnow – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar has been churning out some really good fly tying videos. He does a great job of explaining why he is doing things in each video. So if you haven’t tuned into any of Gunnar’s videos yet, you should.
In this video Gunnar ties a bait fish imitation he designed and explains the steps necessary to replicate it.
Check it out!

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Predator fly for Golden Doraldo

Morena (Golden Dorado Fly)
Can be use or fishing golden dorado, siluro, taímen, tucunare, tigerfish, big mouth bass, musky, pike, nile perch…

Hook: Rise 11019 #3/0 to 5/0
Thread: UNI 3/0 o UTC 140
eyes: lead eyes o dumbell eyes with 3D epoxy eyes.
Tail: red bucktail, 2 black schlappen feathers and 2 black genetic saddles feathers, “very long” and webby.
body: black craft fur, cross cut.
Paint: silver o white permanent marker.

This model is ideal for fly fishing for Dorado and is a very simple design to build.
The Golden Dorado is a formidably strong and voracious fish that gives us one of the most spectacular sports fishing in the world, either fly or conventional equipment.
Among the important foods for this large predator that nothing in the huge rivers of South America are called “Morena” among which the “Morena pintada” (Gymnotus carapo) is mimicked with this model.

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All Day Breakfast

Daniel Seaman shows us how to tie his All Day Breakfast which is a carp fly.

Ahrex Hooks NS172 Size 8
Lead eyes
Casters Squirmito
Natures Spirit Emergence Dub
Coq De Leon Hen Soft Hackle
Round Rubber Legs
Peacock Hearl
Wiggle Dub

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A Look Into: Partridge of Redditch hooks

Partridge logo-green

I figured it was time to write about the hooks I use in the bulk of my fly tying, Partridge of Redditch.

I get asked a lot about my hook choice, especially at fly fishing shows. Here is my usual answer. For streamers, I want a hook that is strong, has a wide hook gap, and is sharp. Guess what, Partridge of Redditch has hooks with all of those qualities.

The three primary styles I use for streamers are the Attitude Streamer, Universal Predator, and Universal Predator X.

Attitude Streamer - ACS

ACS – Attitude Streamer

The Attitude Streamer is a strong hook that has a great hook gap, is sharp and comes in just the right sizes. I use this hook in various sizes for the majority of my smallmouth and largemouth flies. This is an awesome bass hook and I absolutely think this is the best hook out there for these two species.

Universal Predator - CS86

Universal Predator – CS86

The Universal Predator is what I use on trout style streamers. It is a light wire hook that is very strong. I’ve heard some other tiers say they wouldn’t use the Universal Predator for bass because it is a lighter, thinner hook. I can see where they are coming from because you could easily just use a Universal Predator X instead. But what makes me disagree with that statement is that I have used Universal Predators while fishing for bass and they worked great! Just this spring I caught a largemouth that was easily over 6 pounds and the fly I was using was my Bearded Wonder which is tied with two 1/0 Universal Predators. I had no problem horsing that baby in. The hooks held strongly and I still have that same fly in my fly box to use for another day. So don’t knock it until you try it.

Besides the light strength of the Universal Predator, it also has a long shank with the best hook gap in the business in my opinion. It’s such a beautifully designed hook, if I was to marry a hook, this would be the one!

Not only do I use the Universal Predator on trout streamers, I also use it on all of my poppers. The light wire and the strength and length makes for a terrific popper hook. For example, the Zudbubblers I tie are tied on a 2/0 Universal Predator and have worked perfectly for both smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Universal Predator X - cs86x

Universal Predator X – cs86x

Ok, so say you love the style of the Universal Predator but you don’t need it to have the thinner wire. Well, that’s where the Universal Predator X comes in! It has the exact same, beautiful design, but is made with heavier gage wire. It can be used on a multitude of species and would be an excellent hook for pike or muskie. Basically a strong hook that can be used for catching big bad fish.

Dry Fly Supreme - L5A

Dry Fly Supreme – L5A

The other hooks in the Partridge family that I use frequently are their dry fly hooks. The standard dry fly hook from Partridge is the Dry Fly Supreme. It’s the right size and sharp. I haven’t had any problems with hook-ups using this hook. I use it on all of the dries I tie except when the pattern calls for a longer shank hook. Then I use the Nymph Long H1A. Even though this hook is named as a nymph hook, it uses the same wire as the Dry Fly Supreme, it’s just longer. So it works great as a long dry fly hook.

Nymph Long - H1A

Nymph Long – H1A

I hope this gives you a little insight into Partridge of Redditch hooks. I can only report on what styles I have fished and tied with most often, so that’s what I’ve tried to summarize here. I would highly recommend hooks made by Partridge of Redditch. Now quit sitting there staring at the computer screen, go get some!


-Paul J. Beel

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BodyTubing Bunny Bug – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar ties a variation of a Norbert Renaud zonker pattern, and explains the steps necessary to tie it. The fly is tied on a 2/0 Ahrex Light Predator Stinger Hook (barbless), and incorporates Flymenfishing Companies 1/4″ BodyTubing.

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Yard Sale sbs – Matt Grajewski


Matt Grajewski displays his Yard Sale streamer step-by-step below.
Matt said, “This version is the Muskie size, but it can be tied in any size for any species. It was originally a very effective trout fly. It’s great for bass and pike too. Just tie it to the appropriate size.”

Materials list:

Tail: bucktail, schlappen feathers, and flash
Body: flash n’ Slinky or similar slinky fiber, and flash
Wing: craft fur
Head: laser dub

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Southern Culture On The Fly – Summer 2016


Brand new issue of Southern Culture On The Fly!
Check it out!

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