Screaming Banshee – Charlie Craven

Charlie had this to say today on his Facebook page. “So my Arkansas River streamer plan turned out ok, but the caddis had other ideas…spent all afternoon throwing single Screaming Banshees to rising fish and KILLED it. Twitching, skittering, dead drift, sunk…the Banshee did it all today. What a great fly!

So I thought it would be appropriate to post the video from In The Riffle which shows you how to tie the Screaming Banshee.

Material list:
Hook: #12 – 18 Tiemco 2487
Thread: Brown, Tan or Rusty Brown UTC 70
Forward Wing: Natural Elk Hair
Body: Pearl Flashabou (Charlie uses Small Opal Mirage Tinsel)
Thorax: Rusty Brown Superfine Dubbing
Over Wing: Natural or Medium Coastal Deer Hair

Check out Charlie’s fly shop website here:


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Flies Around the Net – 4-23-2015

Black Stonefly - Robert Strahl

Black Stonefly – Robert Strahl

Game Changer mixed with D&D - Blane Chocklett

Blane Chocklett – Game Changer mixed with D&D

Tied by Andrew Grillos

Tied by Andrew Grillos

Honey Bee - Fred Hannie

Fred Hannie – Honey Bee

Tied by Ilias Fn Karanzas - Apex Flies

Tied by Ilias Fn Karanzas – Apex Flies

Tied by Ishii Masaaki

Tied by Ishii Masaaki

Tied by Jason Haddix

Tied by Jason Haddix

Striper Dragons - Joe Calcavecchia

Joe Calcavecchia – Striper Dragons

Muddled Bibio‎ - Michael Mnm Welburn

Muddled Bibio‎ – Michael Mnm Welburn

Yellow Perch Trailer Flash - Nick Granato

Yellow Perch Trailer Flash – Nick Granato

Tied by Patrick Lombardo

Tied by Patrick Lombardo

Rough Water Caddis - Gary Brannan

Rough Water Caddis – Gary Brannan

Pheasant Parachute - Umberto Oreglini

Pheasant Parachute – Umberto Oreglini

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Foam Beetle

HOOK: Hayabusa FM Grab Gape #8.
THREAD: Gel Spun 8/0 or similar, red color.
BACK: Foam, 3mm thick.
LEGS: Multifibers, black color, 60 lb.
BODY: Ice Dubbing, orange color.

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Beel’s Bearded Wonder


One of my streamer/fly patterns has been officially accepted to appear in the 2016 Orvis catalog!

Beel’s Bearded Wonder will be available in two sizes from Orvis. (pictured above). The larger is 6 inches in length, while the smaller version comes in at 4.5 inches. With the weight of the dumbell eyes it has a great jigging motion in the water.

This fly was previously known as the Bearded Biscuit, but I have changed the name to Beel’s Bearded Wonder. When using Google to search for the name “Bearded Biscuit”, urban dictionary is one of the top selections and it doesn’t have nice things to say about that name. I did not realize this when I named the fly. The reason for the name was that it was a biscuit for fish and it looks like it has a beard. Simple. However, I’m very happy with the new name, Beel’s Bearded Wonder. I just wanted to explain, so those who are familiar with the name and the fly would understand.

I am thrilled to be welcomed to the Orvis Fly Design team and feel truly honored to have my first fly accepted into the Orvis catalog!

You can find both versions in the FrankenFly Online Fly Shop.

Thanks for reading!

-Paul J. Beel


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Mouse Rat Fly

Hook: #02-10 Tiemco 8089
Thread: Black UTC 140 >> or Kelvar Thread >> or GSP Thread
Body: Natural Deer Hair
Tail: Brown 2MM Thin Foam
Ears: Brown 2MM Thin Foam
Eyes: Large Black Mono Eyes
Whiskers: Moose Body Hair
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap or Krazy Glue

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A Tight Loop – Spring 2015 edition


The spring edition of A Tight Loop is now live! Check it out!

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Blane Chocklett’s T-Bone Musky Fly

Blane Chocklett swings by SO World Headquarters and cooks up his T-Bone musky fly. The T-Bone has a huge profile and a great “kick” that make it perfect for big ambush predators like Musky. More importantly, Blane demonstrates the use of articulated shanks and flex tubing, both of which are really pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fly design. Great stuff Blane!

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HMG May Fly by Joe Nicklo

Several months ago Reel Wings sent HMG Fly Systems two packages of Reel Wings. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to work with them. I already can see a marked improvement in my dry fly patterns having wings. Thank you! The photos below is my first application of your Reel Wings. HMG Fly Systems has developed a process using hot melt glue as a tying component. See more at



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Light Beer Baitfish – Taylor Pisk

A simple baitfish pattern by Taylor Pisk, taking a little bit of inspiration from Brian Wise.

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Crooked Creek Holler

In my eyes there are very few companies out there with bad ass fly fishing art for gear and such. Crooked Creek Holler has caught my eye on more than one occasion with some sweet looking merchandise! On top of the cool designs already available, they have just added some brand spankin’ new bass tees. Owner Danny Reed is doing a bang up job. See some of the Crooked Creek Holler offerings below.

Head over to the Crooked Creek Holler product section to see more goodies. To keep up with new offerings and some nice fish, be sure to check in on their blog.


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