Senko worm imitation

Executive Director of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance, Rich McElligott, came up with this imitation of the Senko plastic worm. For those of you who are not aware, the Senko is a popular lure in largemouth bass fishing. Rich has come up with almost the perfect imitation by using a type of yarn. The sbs below is courtesy of the I’ve tied this fly myself and it’s is a simple fly to tie once you get the process down.

Hook: 1/0 wide gap worm hook (regular bass hook)
Thread: 210 Denier (match color to fly)
Body/Tail: Patons Bohemian Chenille




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3 Responses to Senko worm imitation

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  2. Brad

    Looks awesome. Time for some hawg huntin’!

  3. Barry Turner

    Does anyone produce these for sale? I’m not much at tying but would like to have some of these.